Welcome to Valencia, the best choice to make plans in the City of Running

9 September, 2016

The countdown to the top races in this Mediterranean city has already begun and now runners and their companions are making the final plans to make the most of their stay in Valencia, the City of Running, and run the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon and the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon. That is why Welcome to Valencia, the specialized travel platform of Valencia, offers a wide range of accommodation and restaurants, as well as the best leisure activities so that everyone can make the most of  the time they spend in the city.

Discovering Valencia has never been easier: running enthusiasts can book the best experiences with just one click and they can make the most of the days before the races. Both the Marathon and the Half Marathon have been awarded IAAF Road Race Gold Label, which proves their commitment to excellence in their respective distances.

Visit the most popular spots of the city, such as Mestalla Stadium, the City of Arts and Sciences, the old town or L’Horta, which is the green belt of the city, and taste local delicacies, such as the orxata (a drink made of tiger nuts that is served cold) and fartons (typical sweets). Welcome to Valencia makes it easy to book the best plans so that you don’t have to worry about anything and you can focus on arriving in the city, enjoying and running.

You can also book your journey and accommodation with Welcome to Valencia and that way you can forget about travel arrangements. In addition, the platform offers exclusive discounts for these two large-scale events. There’s no doubt Welcome to Valencia is the best choice to make the most of your experience in the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon, the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon and the parallel 10K.

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