Five of the world’s best half-marathons have joined forces to create the SuperHalfs, a new international circuit of five of the best trials over this distance. The new alliance brings together the five finest trials under the same brand with the goal of fostering road-running, tourism sport, and boosting environmental awareness from March 2020 on, when the series will start.

The SuperHalfs started in april 2022. The SuperHalfs begin in 2020 with the Lisbon Half-Marathon. This series offers runners a unique challenge, rewarding their efforts through: guaranteed entries; merchandising; a Digital Passport with virtual stamps for each race completed and a SuperMedal for those who complete all five races in the circuit.

The races have been chosen based on their organisational quality, popularity, location, and commitment to environmental sustainability. Every race has been awarded World Athletics labels.

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You ‘half’ (have) to do this

FAQs on the SuperHalfs

The SuperHalfs comprise the following races:
  • EDP Lisbon Half Marathon
  • Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon
  • Copenhagen Half Marathon
  • Cardiff University Cardiff Half Marathon
  • Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich
The races have been chosen based on their organisational quality, popularity, location, and commitment to environmental sustainability. Every race has been awarded World Athletics (IAAF) labels and moreover, Copenhagen, Cardiff, and Valencia recently hosted the IAAF Half-Marathon World Championships (in 2014, 2016, and 2018, respectively).
At present, there are no plans to add any other races to the SuperHalfs. The Organisers reserve the right to add other trials in the future and will consider would-be candidates.


Any person may take part providing he or she meets the criteria for any given race (for instance, minimum age). The specific regulations for each race can be found on their respective web sites. Anyone eligible to take part in one of the races can also take part in the SuperHalfs.
Apart from the entry fees (for each race) there is no additional charge for taking part in the SuperHalfs.
You must complete all five races within 36 months, counting from the date you took part in your first race. You must complete the race and have your time properly recorded using the official chip as per the regulations for each trial. Runners can complete the five races in any order they choose.
Each pass contains FIVE access codes. Once the codes have been exchanged, they permit access to each of the races. When you buy your circuit pass, your access codes are automatically activated and stay valid for 36 months. Entries for each race are limited thus the circuit pass does not guarantee entry to the five races held in the year. Nevertheless, if entries for the race you want to take part in have already run out, you can use the code to enter for the same race in the following year (when the corresponding entry period opens). Exchangeable Codes: Codes are issued in batches, depending on the purchase date. Codes acquired before the 6th of January 2020 will be available in the ‘Access codes’ section shown under your profile. Codes acquired after the 6th of January 2020 will be available from Monday the 27th of January.* * This will contain all the codes for races in 2020 that are still available upon purchasing the circuit pass. The race access codes can still be used even if entries for the general public subsequently run out.
The Organisers reserve the right to alter the programme, regulations, or conditions without prior notice. Notification of any changes will be made through www.superhalfs.com.
This will not count. The SuperHalfs began in 2022 so only race entries from 2022 on will count towards completing the 5-race circuit.
If you want to become a SuperRunner (that is, someone who has completed all five races in the series), you must create an account at www.superhalfs.com. This account lets you monitor your participation in the circuit trials, get exclusive benefits, and sign up for future races. On creating an account, we will issue you with a Digital Passport number that you must use whenever you enter for any of the races.
If you have already entered for a race in the SuperHalfs without using your Digital Passport number, you should go back and add it to your entry details. Some races will let you change those details when you begin the session (check the e-mail confirmation from the race organisers). If you cannot add the Passport number to your entry or will not have the chance to do so before taking part in the race, do not worry. Run the race as usual and afterwards fill in a simple form in your SuperHalfs profile so that the result will be added to your Digital Passport. This will make sure that you are recorded as having finished that particular race in the series.
A Digital Passport and number will be generated when you create your account at www.superhalfs.com. You must use this number each time you enter for a race. As you finish races, you will see stamps being added to your Digital Passport. These stamps can be shared through e-mail and the social media, letting you show off your trips and progress to friends and family. Once you have run the fourth race and are entered for your fifth and final half-marathon, the trial Organisers will be contacted so that they can help you become a SuperRunner. Succeed, and your SuperMedal will be waiting for you as soon as you cross the Finishing Line.
All runners who finish the five races will get a SuperMedal, which can be picked up as soon as they have finished the fifth race. Furthermore, their names will appear in The Hall of Fame at www.superhalfs.com.
To get more information on entry refunds and transfers, visit the web site for each race setting out trial regulations and policy. Read the procedure to follow should injury stop you competing, or where the race is cancelled or postponed because of force majeur (for instance, in the case of extreme weather).


Individual entry for each half-marathon: You will find links to enter the races at www.superhalfs.com. These races are very popular and entries run out quickly — in some cases several months before the event. If you wish to take part, we strongly recommend you make your entry as early as possible. If you have registered at www.superhalfs.com, you will receive alerts through our e-newsletter when entries open. Entry through a SuperHalfs’ charity: Take part in one or more races through SuperHalfs’ official charities. The places available will be announced in the Charity Partners section. Many charities offer free or discounted entries in exchange for a commitment to help them raise funds. In many cases, these places are reserved even though the races have run out of ordinary entries. Entry with the Series Pass: Series Passes give runners the chance of taking part in the five races in the series at a discounted price of just €230. A limited number of Series Passes are issued each year. You can buy one in the ‘Series Entry’ section. On buying a Series Pass, you will receive access codes. These can be exchanged for entries on the web sites of each of the races. From the moment you buy your Series Pass, you will have 36 months to use your access codes. There is a ceiling on the number of entries for each race so the pass does not guarantee you a place in a given year for the five races. Nevertheless, if entries for the race you want to compete in have run out, all you need to do is use your access code to sign up for the next year’s race (when entries are opened for the trial).
Given that SuperHalfs races are so popular, many runners miss out because entries sell out before they can secure a place. Even so, you may still get an entry if you go through one of SuperHalfs’ official charities. If no places are left through the preferential charity channel, you will have to wait until the following year to enter. If you have bought the Series Pass, you have 36 months to exchange your access codes for race entries.
The SuperHalfs web page mentions exclusive benefits and incentives for SuperRunners striving to complete the circuit. What are these benefits and incentives? SuperRunners will reap the following benefits: They will have priority when it comes to entries. If they have filled in a profile at www.superhalfs.com, they will be the first ones to know when entries are opened for each of the five races, giving them a better chance of getting a place before they run out. SuperRunners are guaranteed a quota of places in each race. These are available to those athletes taking part through SuperHalfs fund-raisers (one has to raise a given sum previously agreed with the charity that is going to give one a place). This means SuperRunners will still get the chance to take part in races even when entries have been closed. SuperRunners can buy exclusive brand products SuperHalfsat the races or through www.superhalfs.comas soon as they become available. The range of official products is not available yet but details of them will be published soon. SuperRunners will have exclusive access to the special offers and discounts made by SuperHalfs partners and sponsors. They can also access content on training, by courtesy of RealBuzz, at www.superhalfs.com. SuperRunners will have Digital Passports, which they can use to monitor their participation in the 5-race circuit and to create content to share with friends and family through social networks. SuperRunners will receive a SuperMedal on successful completion of the series of races.


The five cities (Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff, and Valencia) have joined forces to come up with practices and policies to lessen our dependence on polluting materials, to cut down plastic and paper waste, and to avoid unsustainable materials and business practices. The SuperHalfs have come up with a “Sustainability Cycle” that is based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These will be used to report on the environmental policies adopted by the five races. Details on policy will be shared with runners, with information provided on both policy initiatives and their practical application by race organisers. The goal is to ensure that the only ‘environmental footprint’ we leave behind is that made by our running shoes.