‘Valencia Ciudad del Running’ is launched to cover all the events about running taken place in the city. It puts the city on the Running map of the world and it is a tool which offers useful and practical information linked to athletics: running groups organization, next races, running routes or accommodation and restaurants.

VCR goes beyond the races held at weekends, it aims to be the unifying force of the runner movement in a city devoted to foot races.

‘Valencia Ciudad del Running’ is a new city concept. It’s not a huge event, but a city turned into a great race. This is a strategic concept that aims to join forces in strengthening the city as an international reference in the practice of popular athletics and distance running. 

This initiative has the special support of Trinidad Alfonso Foundation and the organization of the Valencia City Hall and will unite the most international races of the city: Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso and Marathon Trinidad Alfonso, the fastest of Spain at 42K and 21k, and Valencia 10K Trinidad Alfonso.

‘Valencia Ciudad del Running’ is this… and much more.

Valencia Ciudad del Running Documentary

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