Marathon, 10K and Half Marathon change its route for the better

2 September, 2016

A race that is more impressive, faster and more comfortable for its runners. These are the objectives that the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos and the Valencia City Government, aims to achieve with the changes that they have proposed for the route of the 2016 edition.

In this way, the runners who attend the event on the 20th of November will have, for example, fewer turns, higher architectural protection and a route that is even flatter than it was, mainly from the kilometres where runners face ‘the wall’ onwards. One of the most significant changes is that the slight slope in Calle Burjassot has been cancelled because it was specially demanding for runners, who were at kilometre 30. At that stage now they will go down Avenida Fernando el Católico, one of the new areas that are more central and flatter.

Specifically, one of the main changes in the current route is the cancellation of the section that covered Avenida Alfahuir and Avenida Valladolid, which now covers Calle Dolores Marqués. Furthermore, most of the 90º turns have been cut out and two areas with four turns which were almost consecutive have been avoided. Also, a faster, more linear route has been chosen for kilometres 34 and 38.

Calle de Eugenia Viñes (kilometre 3) has also been replaced by Doctor Lluch. Besides, even if the section that runs down Ronda Norte (kilometre 12) is still the same, this year participants will run on the left side of the road, which is better protected from the wind by the surrounding buildings.

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With all these changes made to an already outstanding route, the Marathon hopes to improve runners’ experience at the Valencia Marathon and, at the same time, to reduce the impact that the event has on the city.

A 10/10 route for the 10K

The route of the 10k that takes place jointly with the Valencia Marathon has also been subject to some substantial changes. It is essentially still the same since people who run the marathon and the 10k start and finish together. However, something new is that, from this year on, the ones who run this race, which is parallel to the marathon, will enjoy more the views of the city centre and its main areas, such as Calle de la Paz, Plaza del Ayuntamiento or Calle de Colón.

It is also interesting to note that its last two kilometres are now a straight line that descends until reaching the walkway of the City of Arts and Sciences, which is an advantage for those who want to improve their personal best.

The Valencia Half Marathon, even faster now

The Valencia Half Marathon is well-known because it is amongst the 10 best half marathons in the world. The the quintessential 21,097.5 metre race in Spain will be again the best of its kind with small changes in its circuit. Among other changes, now at kilometre 18 runners will cross Puente del Reino de Valencia instead of Puente de las Flores to get to the finish line and they will avoid two of the sharpest turns. The finish line will also be 30 metres closer to the building Veles e Vents. In this way, the area which follows the line will be wider and so finishers, volunteers and medical teams will be more comfortable.

The organization of the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon and the Trinidad Alfonso Half Marathon wishes to reaffirm its commitment to an excellence that has been certified by IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations), which awarded its Gold Label to both races last January. Valencia, the City of Running, is the Spanish reference when it comes to foot races.

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