Registration Valencia Marathon


The first tranche of 10,000 bibs available will be released at a starting price of €70, which will change to €100 for the second tranche of 10,000, and €130 for other 10,000 places. The last 3,000 slot will cost 150€. The price for registrations by Waiting List / Sold out will be 180€.


Run the Valencia Marathon with realbuzz 

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Return policy 

Refund Insurance (Cancellation):

  • It can only be taken out during the registration process.
  • The cost will be 10% of the total registration price.
  • It allows the insured runner to request a refund of 80% of the fee (excluding the cost of the insurance) before 30th November, through the registration platform.

Refund due to injury (with medical certificate):

  • Runners will be able to cancel their registration due to physical injury, not due to contracted diseases. An official certificate from a doctor must be attached via the medical platform.
  • A refund of 75% will be given until 1st September. From then until 14th November, 50% will be refunded.
  • Any donation made to the charity will not be returned and will be donated to the charity.
  • A handling fee of 5 euros will apply to the refund, which will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.
  • The deadline for submitting a request and documents is 15th November, on the understanding that after this date no refund will be possible.
  • It is not possible to postpone registration to the next edition.

Regulations 2023

Valencia Marathon + Half Marathon pack

In addition, runners will be able to register for the Valencia Half Marathon and the Marathon together with a €10 discount on the total price of the two races for those who wish to purchase the pack and enjoy Valencia City of Running twice (runners may be registered in a different price block for each race).