EDEM Business School joins volunteer army for Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon

8 October, 2015

The students of EDEM business school have once again joined forces with the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon to vastly increase the number of Volunteers, helping to make the premier running events in Valencia a well organized and very special day.

More than 110 volunteers from the school will be active participants in the run up to the events and on the day itself on the 18th of October (half marathon) and the 15th of November (full marathon). All of the IDEM volunteers attended a training and information session where they decided what roles they were suitable for and how the events are successfully organized.

The volunteer component of the events is one of the pillars of success that results in a wonderful event for runners, spectators, the city, and, of course, the volunteers who invest a lot of their personal time in the event. The volunteers are true heroes of the city, they will be helping out as stewards, attendants, customer service, entertainment, logistics and many more roles too numerous to mention. As with all the volunteers from EDEM, the city and all the other actors that contribute to two of the best running events in Europe, we salute you.



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