Las Fallas renews its alliance with the Trinidad Alfondo marathon and half-marathon

2 October, 2015

In October and November, las fallas will live the second edition of the Running Fallero contest. This activity, promoted by the organisers of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia marathon and half-marathon, aims to link the fallas celebrations with the buzz from the two emblematic trials in the city. These two races, organised by the Valencian government and SD Correcaminos, are a perfect incentive for the fallas celebrations to cross over with the sport in the city and to participate in these significant events.

The same as in 2014, the fallas will again compete in different competitions aimed at encouraging interest in the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia marathon and half-marathon. Each race will have its own contest for fallero/a participants who will be awarded in the following categories: the fastest fallero and fallera runners, the Fallas Commission with the highest number of participating runners that reach the finishing line, and the best cheerers in the street.


runningfallero.inddrunningfallero.indd“Cheer on your falla” will be the collective street cheering contest aimed at all the fallas Commissions, both in the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia half-marathon and marathon.

The playful tone will be the main attraction for the ‘cheer on your Falla’ competition that has three different prizes: atmosphere, originality, and number of components. There is a €500 prize for the winning falla in each of these sections. The key to this competition, which will be for both the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia half-marathon and the marathon, is to bring the festive atmosphere of March to the street on the day that the trials are celebrated. The spectacular colours that the fallas Commissions bring during the celebration of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia half-marathon will add more strength to the hundreds of well-wishers and cheerers that will boost the runners’ morale as they continue towards the finish line.

To participate in the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia half-marathon ‘cheer on your falla’ activity, the Commissions should send an email to info@valenciaciudaddelrunning.com in order to manage their registration, or call the Runner’s care line (963 940 200) before 7 October. While registration to participate in the same contest for the marathon are open until 4 November 2015.

“Run for your falla” will award the fastest fallero and fallera in each race as well as the one with the largest number of participants in the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia marathon who reach the finish line.

In addition to the cheering on, the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia marathon and half-marathon also want to award participation and effort in the race. And so, they will repeat the individual award “Run for your falla” in order to recognise the fastest runners from each falla in the general classification of the marathon. Meanwhile, they will also award the Commission with the largest number of participants in the Pheidippides-distance run (who reach the finish line) which will take place in Valencia on 15 November 2015.

To participate in these “Run for your falla” categories, you only have to indicate what falla Commission you belong to in your individual registration for the event.

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