Save the Children has been chosen by the Organisers as the official charity for the 40th edition of the Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP.

The NGO serves over 1,000 children and teenagers in the City of Valencia and its metropolitan area, fostering their success at school to help keep them out of poverty in the future.

All of Save the Children’s work focuses on research to drive long-term changes. The charity presents reports and analyses on the most vulnerable groups of children to governments, demanding that the latter use legislation to secure lasting change for the better.

Some of the programmes run by Save the Children are:

THE FIGHT AGAINST ACADEMIC FAILURE: This is a daily programme that runs from Monday to Friday throughout the school year and in the summer. Children stay on with our teams after the school day. We give children the study techniques they need so that they can do their homework under adult supervision and with the support they need.

DEVELOPING SOCIAL SKILLS: Free Time that lets children improve their relationships with others. We teach them how to avoid violence. We also inculcate community values and respect for others and the environment, and foster a healthy lifestyle and personal hygiene.

PSYCHO-EDUCATIONAL HELP: Psycho-social support for children and their families. Personalised and group therapy and educational support. Parent and education workshops to help ensure children’s all-round development.

HELP WITH MATERIALS: We help with support materials and advice on studies (books, Internet access, educational games, the right tables and chairs, glasses, school bags).

The charitable donations made by runners in their entries for the Valencia Marathon, together with the donation made by Fundación Trinidad Alfonso with its contribution of €1 for each runner finishing the race on the 6th of December 2020, will be paid over to Save the Children.

Charitable donations from the latest editions of the race are listed below:

2011 31st UNICEF €3,741
2012 32nd CASA CARIDAD VALENCIA €10,775
2013 33rd AVAPACE €14,549
2014 34th SANT JOAN DE DÉU – SERVEIS SOCIALS – €15,572
2017 37th ASOCIACIÓN ALANNA €22,783
2019 39th JUEGATERAPIA €29,544

In addition, one should note that many kinds of help are given to charitable causes. The following are just some of the ways the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon gives charities a helping hand:

€1 for each runner reaching the Finishing Line

The donation of €1 for each Finisher made by Fundación Trinidad Alfonso rewards the efforts made by those competitors crossing the Finishing Line in Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences after completing Spain’s fastest 42,195-metre circuit. So each individual’s triumph is also a victory for society as a whole, helping the least fortunate to attain their dreams. Thus the charity in each edition — this year it is Save the Children — receives €1 for each runner who crosses the tape.

Valencia MAPFRE Mini-Marathon

This activity takes place in parallel with the main event. It caters to the youngest runners and has been held since 2014 to foster athletics from a tender age. The Mini-Marathon (which is supported by Fundación MAPFRE and the Municipal Board for Sport) boosts social involvement in the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon. Furthermore, the Mini-Marathon not only caters to youngsters, the entry fee for the race also includes a €2 contribution per head to the Official Charity.

Charity-Plus Entry

The Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon gives all runners the option of donating an extra €3, which will be wholly earmarked for this edition’s Official Charity.

Charity Kilometre

This initiative does not make a monetary contribution to the Official Charity but it does forge a strong emotional link with the trial. The Valencia Marathon has a support stand on the final kilometre of the race. From there, those working with the charity thank the runners for their donations by cheering them on to the Finish.

Apart from the foregoing activities, each edition poses a new challenge for the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon’s organisers in coming up with new fund-raising activities to support that year’s Official Charity.

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