Download Valencia Half Marathon app

The Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich features a smartphone app for the race so that runners and their friends and family can have all the information on the event at their fingertips.

The simple, attractive, highly intuitive design of the Valencia Half Marathon app gives runners and users all the information they need on the trial, which will be held on the 23rd of October in Valencia Ciudad del Running.

What does the Valencia Half-Marathon app have to offer?

Live Tracking

The app lets you track the race progress of any runner you choose. Live Tracking lets you follow the race progress of any athlete in the Valencia Half Marathon , and the speed at which he or she is running.

Race News

There is a direct link to the web site so that you can see the latest news on the trial and stay abreast of developments in the world’s fastest half-marathon.

Map of the circuit

Find out about the world’s fastest half-marathon and delve into the details of Valencia’s 21-km race.


The app lets you upload your selfie and share it with other runners to create a great atmosphere in the months leading up to the trial.


Once the trial has ended, the app will give you direct access to the race results and classifications for the Valencia Half-Marathon.