The best races, in Valencia, the City of Running

2 November, 2015

The Real Federación Española de Atletismo showed the rankings of the best races in spain in the different distances. Valencia has become in the best city to run for his climatological conditions and his height. The great win of this 2014/2015 season is for the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half-Marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos, who beat the best score in the Spanish history with 2,870,42 points in 2015, which becomes the best record in the history of Spain in any long race.

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos and the Valencian government, that celebrates its 35th edition on 15 November, has been named the best race in Spain for the 42,195 meter distance, in front of Barcelona, Seville, and Madrid, according the ranking published by the Spanish athletics association.

The Valencian trial got 1,673 points, 246 more than Barcelona, while Seville (1,332) got third place, in front of Madrid by eight points.

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half-Marathon, which celebrated its 25th anniversary with the best score for the second consecutive year, with a total of 2,555 points, also dominated. Followed in the list by the Madrid (1,802) and Barcelona (1,258) races.

In the 10 kilometer distance the San Silvestre Vallecana race stood out, with 2,083 points which doubled the score of the next best ranking, the Villa de Laredo 10 km. The third place, with 697, went to the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia 10K.

The data show a conclusive result: Valencia is the City of Running and all of its trials are at the top of the national running calendar.

Both the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Half-Marathon are, for the second consecutive year, the best races in their respective distances.

[vcr_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/QCDxb_gs6Sk”]https://youtu.be/1cPoRbAxzo4[/vcr_youtube]

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