The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon dresses the City of Running in gold

18 October, 2016

Presentación 26ª Medio Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso

Valencia welcomes more than 13,500 runners from all over the world who will take part in the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos. The 26th edition of the 21,097.5 metre race has made history and it has become a world reference due to its IAAF Road Race Gold Label. This is the first time a Spanish race receives such an award and that is why the City of Running will be dressed in gold on the 23rd of October The official presentation has been led by Elena Tejedor, director of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation; Paco Borao, president of the organizing committee; Maite Girau, head of the local Sports Department; and Vicente Tarancón, CEO of the race’s main sponsor.

The gold line is about to be imprinted on the asphalt of Valencia. Following it is the objective of each and one of the runners that have chosen this half marathon to enjoy running. Among them, some of the best athletes from all over the world will come to Valencia and try to beat their personal best and come first in the race. Abraham Cheroben has won the two past editions of the race with 58:48 and 59:10 and he is expected to be one of the first runners to cross the finish line. Solomon Kirwa Yego and Stephen Kosgei Kibet, whose times are also under 59 minutes, are expected to mount the winners’ podium. They will have to compete, however, with other nine runners whose times are under one hour.

The best women athletes will also take part in this edition of the Half Marathon. The current race winner, Netsanet Gudeta Kebede, will have to beat Peres Jepchirchir, World Half Marathon Champion in Cardiff 2016, and the favourite runner, Violah Jepchumba, if she wants to win this edition again. Worknesh Degefa Debele (1:06:14) and the winner of the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon, Beata Naigambo will also take part in the Half Marathon. ‘This is the best edition in the history of the Half Marathon when it comes to the quality of the elite athletes’, said Paco Borao, president of SD Correcaminos, at the official presentation.

More than 13,400 people will run next to these athletes and they will all share the dream of flying over the City of Running. That is why the organizers have chosen a new route with slight changes that will make this race more attractive and faster for all participants. In addition, the line that will guide all runners in the right direction will be golden to commemorate the IAAF Road Race Gold Label.

Historic figures in women and international participation

Participation has hit an all-time high in a half marathon full of records. With more than 13,500 runners, women have a new favourite race, the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon. This edition has achieved the 3,000 female participant milestone, which represents an increase of 15.5% and more than 400 women compared to 2,632 women who participated in the past edition. ‘We should congratulate ourselves when we see these positive results in women participation. This way the race will be among the best ones’, said Maite Girau, head of the local Sports Department.

International runners have also hit an all-time high. More than 2,150 runners from 70 different countries will run in Valencia, the City of Running. There has been a surge of 600 runners compared to the ones who took part in the 25th edition (1,546), which represents an increase of 39.4%.

Runners will enjoy a golden half marathon

Gold will reign in the City of Running for a week and Valencia will make the most of the running experience. The golden line will cross Valencia and welcome all runners to the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon.

The race official t-shirt has also been designed to commemorate the award received by Valencia, which is the first city in Spain to win the highest award given by the International Association of Athletics Federations. Luanvi, the Valencian sportswear manufacturer, and the race organizers will give away these t-shirts to all of the runners. This high-tech t-shirt made in black and gold has been specifically designed for the event. Men’s t-shirts weight less than 100 grams and women’s, which are strapped t-shirts, weight no more than 60 grams. Thanks to their low weight, it will be easier for runners to ‘fly over’ the City of Running.

Besides this garment, Luanvi has also designed casual shoes that commemorate this event. These trainers are limited edition and they will be on sale at the Runner’s Fair. These ones will also be golden. ‘Now that the Half Marathon has been awarded IAAF Gold Label, it is an honour to be the official sponsor of the race. Whenever we get involved in a project, we try to make the difference”, said Vicente Tarancón, CEO of the sportswear manufacturer.

On the race day, emotions will be running high. The start will be exciting and the finish line will mark the culmination of a unique event, both for the ones who take part in it and for the city. Once they cross the finish line, runners will receive their medals, which have been designed in line with the IAAF labels and are plated with a golden colour. The effort runners put in will be rewarded with this gift.


Finally, their effort will also have an impact on a good cause since the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation will donate €1 to a charity for every runner that crosses the finish line. This year’s charity is the Alzheimer Family Association of Valencia (AFAV). We will certainly beat a record this year with the fund raising as the number of runners has increased compared to last year.

Valencia will become the world running capital on the week of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon. All eyes will be on the Mediterranean to watch a unique race that will make history in 2016. This is the first great event in Valencia this autumn. ‘We have just started a long way and we’re about to run its first 21 kilometres’, said Elena Tejedor, director of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation.

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