Services for the runners: Last instructions

14 October, 2016



09:00 AM – SUNDAY, 23rd OF OCTOBER

Avda. del Puerto, 247 (esquina C/ Consuelo)

The start of the race will be divided into two main groups to allow for better safety and comfort of the runners. The race finishes at 11:40; this is the official cut off time.

  • 09:00 Start: All runners who have an accredited finishing time of 1h:45:59 or less, in agreement with time established on registration form.
  • 09:07 Start: All runners who have registered to finish in more than 1h y 46 minutes, in agreement with time established on registration form.




According to Real Federación Española de Atletismo (RFEA), bib number and its chip must be wore on the front part of the shirt (on the chest). Otherwise, the timing system will not be able to register the runner properly, so he/she will not be included in the general classification.


We highly recommend using the METRO/SUBWAY to avoid traffic problems. The most convenient station is GRAU (Lines 5 and 6). The first train of Line 5 will depart at 07:41 and that of Line 6 at 07:02. +info: 900 461 046 (free number).



This parking is free, we recommend to access by Puente de Astilleros. Open Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd.

PARKING 2 (2 hours FREE since 7AM)

This parking is free, we recommend to access by C/ Eugenia Viñes.


Bicycle parking.



Runners will be able to leave one only bag in the cloakroom per bib number on Sunday, before the race. The organization has provided stickers for this in the gift-bag. The bib itself will be necessary to get the bag back. From 7 to 12:30 hours.


Drinking spots are arranged along the racetrack at kilometres 5, 10 and 15, with a special drinking spot in the finish line.


There will be showers at the Nazaret’s Sports Pavilion for runners to use in C/ Fernando Morrais de la Horra s/n.


There will be chemical WCs in the start area, at K10 and finish line.


Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon offers to runners the possibility of personalising the finisher medals with their names and the time achieved.

  • This service can be booked online before the race (next October 23rd) for 4 euros.
  • Besides, there will be a specific stand for it in the Runners Fair held during October 21st and 22nd. Tickets will cost 5 euros in here.
  • Runners can also get their customised medal in the finishing line area for 10 euros.


You can run following one of our guides. They are very experienced runners that will take you at an ideal pace to arrive in a certain time. There will be guides for 1h30’, 1h45’, 2h and 2h15’.


Follow the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon race and cronos of every runner with the smartphone App: Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon. Now on Android and iOS.



Results will be published after the race, as soon as they are ready. However, the best way to check them will be the official website.


To avoid possible accidents, the Organization and Judges recommend not crossing the finish line pushing prams, carrying children, or holding hands with children.

Under no circumstances will runners without the official race/bib number be permitted to cross the finish line. The race judge will disqualify any runnner who does not respect the race rules, who does not pass over each and every checkpoint mat located throughout the course, who has manipulated or who is not wearing a race number or chip, or who does not have the race/bib number visible, and any athlete who has altered his/her identification information. Such runners will not appear in the lists published in the press on Monday 24th, and they may be prevented from signing up for races organized by S.D. Correcaminos.

The list of disqualified runners may be published together with the race results.


In www.marathon-photos.com there will be special section for our race. Typing in your race number or name you will be able to view your photos and to place orders with differents options and payement options. You willbe able to download your Finisher’s Certificate here too for free.


The Trinidad Alfonso Fundation would specially like to thank all runners for their effort and compromise with one of the main objectives of the whole organization: leave the city free o waste after having enjoyed a race joined by a huge crowd of both runners and spectators. This is why we set the so-named “Recicla tu Esfuerzo” (Recycle your effort) special areas on the course where with spread messages and slogans in different languages we want to motive the athletes to deposit the plastic bottler and/or glasses in the special containers located at the race water stations and finish line.


0 Avda. del Puerto esquina C/ Consuelo. 9:00:00 9:14:00
1 Avda. del Puerto cruce con C/ Peris Brell. Frente gasolinera Repsol. 9:02:46 9:21:10
2 Avda. del Puerto 10 m antes del portal Nº 13. Frente Servicio Volkswagen 9:05:32 9:28:20
3 Paseo Alameda frente C/ Pintor Peiró 9:08:18 9:35:30
4 Avda. Blasco Ibañez frente paradas Bus líneas 9, 80, 81. 9:11:04 9:42:40
5 Avda. Blasco Ibañez frente portal nº 94. Frente Clínic Dental. 9:13:49 9:49:50
6 Avda. Blasco Ibañez frente portal nº 172. Pasado cruce con C/ Ingeniero Rafael Janín 9:16:35 9:57:00
7 C/ Luis Peixó frente salida garaje portal nº 44. 9:19:22 10:04:10
8 Avda. Doctor Lluch frente portal 229. 9:22:08 10:11:20
9 Rotonda Plaza Armada Española. Frente farola nº 5. 9:24:54 10:18:30
10 C/ Ibiza. 29,90 m del cruce con Avda. Del Puerto 9:27:40 10:25:40
11 Paseo Alameda frente portal nº51. 9:30:26 10:32:50
12 Avda. de las Baleares pasado 5 m. del portal nº18. Frente “Papelería Baleares 18” 9:33:12 10:40:00
13 Final Fuente Plaza Zaragoza. (Frente edificio Los Cuarteles) 9:35:58 10:47:10
14 Inicio Puente del Real. 9:38:44 10:54:20
15 C/ La Paz esquina con C/ San Vicente. Frente Oficina Bankia. 9:41:30 11:01:30
16 Avda. Colón en el cruce con C/ Pascual i Genís 9:44:16 11:08:40
17 Plaza América delante isleta frente a C/ Cirilo Amorós. (Escaleras Puente del Mar) 9:47:02 11:15:50
18 Puente del Reino. Frente la 1º Gárgola. 9:49:48 11:23:00
19 Paseo de la Alameda centro, parada del bus frente a C/ Vicente Beltrán Grimal. 9:52:34 11:30:10
20 Avda. Baleares pasados 12 metros del portal nº 129. 9:55:20 11:37:20
21 C/ J. J. Dómine frente portal nº 11, en el lado del puerto. 9:58:06 11:44:30
META C/ J.J. Dómine frente portal nº 15. 9:58:22 11:45:10

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