Half Marathon and Farmacia Ribera launch their Quick Help Points in the race  

19 October, 2016


Farmacia Ribera, with the slogan ‘Health and wellbeing in a natural way’ and their mission of promoting healthy lifestyles and sports practice, will serve all runners who take part in the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon on Sunday the 23rd of October and they will respond to their needs all along the race course.

Farmacia Ribera with the support of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon will place two ‘Quick Help Points’ from the start to the finish line, where a team of chemists and volunteers will provide runners with Vaseline and Reflex, an anti-inflammatory spray.

The Quick Help Points aim at providing quick assistance to all participants while they run. They will be located in strategic points (km 15 and 20). At these points runners feel their legs tired and they might even suffer cramps and muscle stiffness. It is also in those kilometres when clothing rubbing the skin can cause chafing.

That is why these Quick Help Points will provide quick assistance to runners. They will try to reduce the inconveniences and support runners so that they can finish the race.

Besides helping runners in the two Quick Help Points, volunteers will also give away 20 kg of Vaseline in the starting area so as to avoid chafing from the very beginning.5d6016ac-b019-466d-8963-3481e3d68c96

There will also be a team of two professional chemists who will provide runners with Reflex, an anti-inflammatory spray, if they require it.

Around 15 people, both volunteers and chemists, will be part of the Quick Help Points. They will not only give assistance to runners but they will also cheer them up in such an important event as the Trinidad Alfonso Half Marathon. The aim of this service is to reduce inconveniences caused by chafing, muscle stiffness or cramps. These Quick Help Points will work together with medical services and ambulances, which will be located all along the race course.

This is an innovative initiative and it represents one step further for the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon, which is considered the best race in Spain.



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