Valencia Ciudad del Running crosses the pond to be at the Boston Marathon Runners Fair

1 April, 2016

Valencia is packing its bags full of running awesomeness in April and travelling to 9 top running events to promote Valencia as a world class running destination. Valencia will have a stand at 9 running events where attendees can get more info on Valencia’s big three races: Trinidad Alfonso 10k, Full Marathon and Half Marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos and the Valencian Government.

Of all the running events that Valencia will be present at, Boston is clearly the most prestigious. Boston is one of the oldest Marathons in the world, and one of the biggest. This is the first time that the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon have crossed the pond. Valencia Ciudad del Running is sure to find a welcoming audience of runners in Boston, a city with a rich history and culture of running.

In Europe, Valencia Ciudad del Running, will be in Italy the most, Italy has provided a huge quantity of runners for Valencia over the years, and it continues to rise as more runners, especially from the cold North of Italy, want to take advantage of the great Mediterranean weather and seaside location of Valencia in November and October. Runners from the mountain regions of Italy make up the biggest national cohort outside of Spanish runners. The Italian runners, alongside all the other nationalities that come to Valencia to run, make up of a quarter of the total runners, giving Valencia a truly international flavor as runners do their best to get their PBs on Valencia’s flat course; one of the fastest in the world.

To tempt even more runners from the colder climes of Northern Europe, Valencia will also have a stand at the runners fairs of Paris, London and Rotterdam. Registration has only been open for just over a month but 1,800 international runners, most of them repeat participants, have already signed up for the Valencia Marathon. The award of the IAAF Gold Label for the Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon has also given Valencia a lot of extra publicity and prestige, the total runners in Valencia for 2016 is expected to smash all records for the city.

As Valencia works its way around Europe and America, an estimated half million people will flow through the runners fairs to have the opportunity to get more information about why Valencia is known as La Ciudad el Running.

At the runners fairs, visitors can get more information about Valencia, its races and services for runners. Furthermore, attendees can enter a prize draw to win a free place. If you cannot make it to any of the runners fairs, please go to www.welcometovalencia.com to get all the information you need and to book your race places and travel package.

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