2016 Wings For Life is launched in the best scenary: Valencia Ciudad del Running

29 March, 2016

This year 2016 Valencia Ciudad del Running has a new race, a different one. It will be held on the 8th May, when Wings For Life will arrive to our city for running at the same time in 32 cities around the world.

A different race. You don’t run for you, you run for those who cannot. You don’t run against opponents, you run against partners. Go always ahead, as fast as you can in order to avoid the Catcher Car. It is a car that is run by a pilot. It gives you a time advantage and after, bit by bit and, reaches you by increasing the speed.



At the launch celebrated at the Turia Stadium attended the runner Chema Martínez, the former world champion of 110 metres hurdles Colin Ray Jackson; the former athlete and trainer José Antonio Redolat, and Maite Girau, city councillor.

It is held in more than 30 countries and has a participation higher than 100,000 runners. In Valencia Ciudad del Running there is a route of 100 kilometres maximum and it is great fun. It arrives to our city after Barcelona and Aranjuez. The event is on the 8th May with a unified start in the world, that will start at 1 pm in Valencia.

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