Valencia, city of running consolidates its position in the hotels sector as an attraction in the city 365 days a year

23 September, 2015

Valencia, City of Running, an initiative promoted by the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, has met with the Valencian hotels with the aim of reinforcing the promise they made in 2014 to convert Valencia into the City of Running in every way. The purpose of the meeting was to demonstrate the significant opportunity for businesses that bringing this type of national and international tourist to our city to do sport represents. They are attracted by the climate, topographical characteristics, and long distance runs throughout the year, but that at the same time, these tourists also require special care.

This workshop with the hotels sector, was held in the press room in Petxina sports and cultural complex and the same groups that were present in the Valencia City of Running project were also present: the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, Valencian Tourism, SD Correcaminos, Transvía Journeys, and the Municipal Sports Foundation.

In addition to the Valencia City of Running project, the Valencian hoteliers were able to familiarise themselves with the Welcome to Valencia platform where they can join the project. A technological platform that brings together Valencian hotels, giving them ‘Valencia City of Running’ seal of quality. This emblem recognises the hotel as a centre specialised in runners’ specific needs and able to address them during their stay for the run. These hotels will also be promoted in the international fairs where Valencia City of Running is present, as well as on its webpage from where reservations can be made.

A good example that this city model is sustainable 365 days a year is in the Valencia City of Running emblem, the Valencia marathon. The ultimate popular athletic test, and the main showcase for sports tourism in our city and which this week has beaten its own record for the number of registrants, with 13,500 signed up, with still two months to go to its celebration. This flow of visitors, 77% of which come from outside of Valencia, means stays in Valencian hotels, as well as a large number of participants from our own city.

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