The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon is already the best in Spain

28 May, 2015

The Trinidad AlfonsoValencia Marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos and the Valencian local government, boasts the first-ranking position among the best marathons in Spain according to the Royal Spanish Federation for Athletics (RFEA). This organisation prepares an annual ranking according to both organisational and sporting criteria for all the athletic events in Spain. The season runs from November to October and assigns a score annualy which establishes an average over the last three years which is ultimately used to create the final classification, placing the Valencian Marathon in first position this year.

The RFEA ranking put Valencia in front with 1,582 points, with a difference of more than 100 points over the second-placed Barcelona marathon, followed by the marathons in Sevilla, Madrid, and San Sebastian. A great achievement for a city that loves running, and which since 2011 has turned the trial around to make it a benchmark event at the international level, as well as an organisational and sporting example, as shown by the fact that since 2013 it has boasted the best scores in the country in the history of the rankings.

Paco Borao, president of SD Correcaminos, said he was “very proud to have the gold-standard trial in our country. It adds value to the whole team that has worked to make this possible, making the dreams of the volunteers and the whole club one more reason for the effort”.

The best half-marathon in Spain

In the same ranking by RFEA,  Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half-Marathon, organised by SD Correcaminos, established itself as the best race in its category by a large margin with respect to the other organised trials in the country. In addition, globally, it was ranked as the best race in Spain, with an average of 2,139 points, obtaining 2,779 in the last edition, thanks to the event’s organisation and the great record achieved in the previous edition, with the sixth-best score ever.



  Average Score 2014/15
1 XXXIV Valencian Trinidad Alfonso Marathon 1,582.95 1,685.08
2 Zurich Marathon in Barcelona 1,437.82 1,569.46
3 XXXI Marathon Seville City 2015 1,355.71 1,436.85
4 XXXVIII Rock and Roll Marathon in Madrid 1,349.00 1,459.00
5 37º San Sebastian International Marathon 2014 774.32 850.00




    Average Score 2014/15
1 XXIV Valencian City Trinidad Alfonso Half-Marathon 2,139.43 2,779.97
2 XIII Villa de Madrid Half-Marathon 1,862.24 1,915.80
3 XXIX Granollers Half-Marathon 1,289.55 1,094.66
4 XXIV Barcelona City Half-Marathon 1,251.38 1,167.00
5 XXI Azkoitia-Azpeitia “Diego García Memorial” Half-Marathon 907.17 849.00




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