The new objective of the Valencia Half Marathon: stick a post-it note for Alzheimer’s disease

10 October, 2016

AFAV entidad solidaria Medio Maratón Valencia 2016

The 2016 Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon will support the charity Asociación de Familiares de Enfermos de Alzhéimer de la ciudad (AFAV),  which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.  That’s why, the race organization has decided to join the social awareness campaign ‘A post-it for Alzheimer’s’, which was launched in 2010 and aimed at raising awareness of the disease and trying to get more people involved in working for decent living conditions for the people who suffer it.

This campaing is also on Twitter, where followers in general and the Valencia Half Marathon runners in particular are asked to share a photo of them with one of these sticky notes and post the following message ‘Cross the finish line in @mediomaratonVLC and stick a post-it for Alzheimer’s with @afavalencia’ or something similar. Those interested in helping us to disseminate this initiative can use the hashtag #postitalzheimer2016 on their social networks.

‘A post-it for Alzheimer’s’ is an original way to collaborate is only one of the initiatives launched by the Valencia Half Marathon to support this year’s charity. For example, each runner can donate 3 extra euros to AFAV when registering. In addition, the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, the Half Marathon’s main sponsor, has committed to donate one euro for every finisher on the 23rd of October.

As in past editions, the last kilometre of the Valencia Half Marathon will also be devoted to this cause, since AFAV will set its own cheering station  and it will not only support all runners from there but it will also take the opportunity to thank them for their solidarity.

This is the new challenge that the Valencia Half Marathon presents to its participants, sports enthusiasts and the whole citizenship. Runnning 21,097.5 metres is not the only wat to help AFAV, the Half Marathon 2016 charity.

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