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10 November, 2016





Puente de Monteolivete

Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon

The marathon will start at 8:30. The start of the race will be divided into three main groups for better safety and comfort of the runners.

  • All runners who have an accredited finishing time of 3h30:59 or less, in agreement with the time established on the registration form, will start at 8:30.
  • All runners who have an accredited finishing time between 3h31:00 and 4h00:59 will start at 8:36.
  • All runners who have an accredited finishing time of 4h01:00 or more will start at 8:42.

Trinidad Alfonso Valencia 10K

All 10K runners will start with the first group at 8:30.

PLANO CAC_escalado_v9


BUS: EMT, the local bus company, will provide extra buses to take runners to the City of Arts and Sciences.

On Sunday the 20th of November:

  • EMT lines 35, 95 and 99 will offer a special bus service with an increased frequency which will link the City of Arts and Sciences with the rest of the city from 5:30 to 7:30 am.
  • The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and 10K runners can travel for free by showing their bib number when they get on the bus.
  • The following lines can also take runners close to the City of Arts and Sciences: 1, 13, 14, 15, 19, and 40. To get to Expo Deporte Valencia on the 18th and 19th of November we recommend that runners take EMT bus lines 35 and 95.

Special customer service from Friday the 18th to Sunday the 20th at 2:00 pm. For more information about EMT bus timetables, please call +34 963 15 85 15 or the Runner Telephone Service +34 963 04 02 00.

Free phone number. WhatsApp: +34 658 67 49 20.

METRO: Lines 3 and 5. Stop: Alameda (20 minutes on foot). Plan your journey to the 10K and Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon on the Metro Valencia website: www.metrovalencia.es

Metro – FGV: 900 46 10 46


The Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon encourages runners to travel to the start area using public transport. However, if they take their own cars, they can use the following designated car parks:

– Parking 1 Centro Comercial El Saler

(Recommended when driving from the south and east of Valencia)

– Parking 2 Centro Comercial Aqua

(Recommended when driving from the north of Valencia)

– Parking 3 Pabellón Fuente San Luis

(Recommended when driving from the south and west of Valencia)

– Parking 4 Avenida Antonio Ferrandis

– Parking 5 Oceanogràfic

(special rate for runners: €3/day)


Runners can keep one bag per bib number in the cloakroom service, location: car park area of the City of Arts and Sciences. The cloakroom opens at 7:00 am on Sunday, before the race. Runners will need the sticker on their bib number to use this service. Runners will not be able to collect their bag unless they have their bib number. The cloakroom closes at 3:00 pm.

This service is available both for Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon and 10K runners. If the bag and bib number do not match, bags will not be taken.

Marathon cloakroom: ground floor, car park.

10K cloakroom: 1st floor, car park.


Runners who want to have a shower at the end of the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon or the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia 10K should go to the local sports facilities of polideportivo Nazaret. C/ Fernando Morrais de la Horra – 46024 Valencia.


Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon

There will be refreshment stands along the circuit at kilometres 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40, as well as a final stand at the finish line.

Runners will be provided with water, Powerade and fruit, among others.

The organization will also provide runners with Enervit energetic gels at kilometres 18 and 29.


Trinidad Alfonso Valencia 10K

Refreshments (water and Powerade) will be available at kilometre 5 and at the finish line.


There will be chemical toilets at the start area, at the refreshment stands of kilometres 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40, and at the finish area.


There is a timing system (Bib Tag Mylaps) with chips attached to the bib number. These are disposable chips that do not require a deposit.

It is COMPULSORY for runners to wear the bib number on their chest, as established by the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation. If they are not placed on the chest, the timing control system will not be able to track the pace and runners will not appear on the ranking list.


Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon 

There will be runners who set a suitable pace for you to run with them to the finish line. They are ‘pacemakers’ and you can follow them all along the race. They will hold a visible sign that will make them easy to recognize. They will pace groups of runners according to the following finish times: 3h, 3h 15’, 3h 30’, 3h 45’, 4h, 4h 15’, 4h 30’ and 5h 00’.

Trinidad Alfonso Valencia 10K 

There will not be pacemakers coordinated by the organization in the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia 10K.


The Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon is offering all our runners the possibility to personalize your finisher medal with your name and your time.

  • Before EDP Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon. You can book on line and ensure this service before the race at the best price: 4 euros.
  • The days before the marathon, in ExpoDeporte Valencia. There will be a space at ExpoDeporte Valencia where you may buy the ticket on Friday, 19th  and Saturday, 20th at the price of 5 euros.
  • In post-finish line, once you have finished your marathon, you can customize your finisher medal of the EDP Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon with your name and the time reached at the price of 10 euros.

medallas-0007 Medallas Maratón Valencia y 10K


The Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon will provide updated information of the event via its official profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.


You can watch the race live on the following TV channels: Movistar+, Mediterráneo TV, and Teledeporte. In addition, you can also watch it live on the MVTA official website: www.maratonvalencia.com.

Runners can also be tracked in real time using the official APP of the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon. You can find the exact spot where they are, their place in the overall ranking of the race and their partials among other options. Available now for iOS and Android.

The race can also be followed on Maratón Radio and CV Radio. In addition, the main national radio stations will also give information about the event.


Results will be published on the marathon official website after the race finishes: www.maratonvalencia.com. The organization will also set up information panels in the finish area.


After the race, runners can go to the Marathon official website www.maratonvalencia.com and click on ‘Certificates and photos’. This will take them to www.marathon-photos.com, where runners can log in with their bib number and buy customized photos from Monday the 21st of November. Orders can be made online with different payment options.

They can also download a certificate, which is FREE, that attests they have finished the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon.

Runners taking part in the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia 10K can also enjoy this photo and certificate service.


On Monday the 21st of November, all the runners who took part in the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon can watch and download from www.maratonvalencia.com a video of them running at the start line, kilometres 10, half marathon, 30, 40 and the finish line. They can watch it and download it for free.

10K runners can watch and download a video of themselves starting and finishing the race.


Every year the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon chooses a good cause to become the beneficiary of the charitable fund launched by the race. The array of contributions helps to build the event and to focus the fund-raising efforts of the runners and the organization itself. These donations reinforce the social aspect of the MVTA, and they make a real difference in the lives of those in need.

The charity chosen by the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon in 2016 is ANAR Foundation. ANAR’s main aim is to provide support to children and teenagers at risk.

Donating €1 to a charity for every runner who crosses the finish line is the most noticeable initiative undertaken by the organizers of the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon and it is also the one that best defines its character. This initiative was launched by the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, the event’s main sponsor. The Foundation has committed to make a donation to the charity for every runner who finishes the 42,195 metre race.

However, this is only one of the many initiatives supported by the organizers to help those in need. All the money collected is donated to the charity once the event is over.


The Trinidad Alfonso Foundation would specially like to thank all runners for their effort and commitment to leave the city free of waste after having enjoyed a race with a huge crowd of both runners and spectators. This is why the so-named ‘Recycle your effort’ initiative will be launched again. There will be two waste disposal points near the refreshment stands and the finish line, which have been strategically located to collect plastic containers and organic waste.


The Paella Party will be held in the surrounding area of Expo Deporte, in the City of Arts and Sciences. When you show your bib number, you will receive a picnic with paella, bread, a drink and a piece of fruit. Enjoy it with your friends and family while you check all the parallel activities that will take place on Saturday the 19th of November. Paella party will start at 1:00 and finish at 3:30 pm. All runners will receive a free ‘paella picnic’, which can be collected in the green area surrounding the Principe Felipe Museum by showing the ticket that was given to them when collecting the bib number. Those who will not take part in the Marathon can also get their ticket in the venue at the price of €5. In addition, live cooking shows will be held in the Paella Party so that everyone becomes familiar with the superb Valencian cuisine and rice, which is its main ingredient.


For security reasons, people pushing prams or with kids, either in their arms or taken by the hand, are not allowed in the finish area. Likewise, runners will not be allowed to cross the finish line if they do not have their official bib number.

The race judges will disqualify any runner who:

  • Does not comply with the race official regulations.
  • Does not run over all of the antenna mats that will be placed along the circuit.
  • Has manipulated or does not wear their bib number or chip somewhere visible.
  • Has altered their identification details.

Likewise, the organization reserves the right to prevent these runners from registering for any future events organized by the entity as well as directly organized by the FDM in Valencia in case of repeated bad faith actions which represent a threat to sports principles.

Any runner who arrives at kilometre 25 after 12:45 pm on the 20th of November 2016 must leave the race and/or take the support car for exceeding more than 15 minutes the limit set by the organization to complete the race (6 hours).

Please, if you have registered for the race, do not give your bib number to someone else unless you have previously contacted the organization within the time limit established in the regulations, since this poses insurance problems and alters the race results.


0 Puente de Monteolivete 8:30:00 8:54:00
1 Rotonda Luis García Berlanga 8:33:00 9:02:32
2 Calle Joan Verdeguer 8:36:00 9:11:04
3 Rotonda de la Armada Española 8:39:00 9:19:36
4 Calle Doctor Lluch 8:42:00 9:28:08
5 Avda. dels Tarongers 8:45:00 9:36:40
6 Avenida dels Tarongers 8:48:00 9:45:12
7 Avenida dels Tarongers 8:51:00 9:53:44
8 Avenida dels Tarongers 8:54:00 10:02:12
9 Avenida de Blasco Ibañez 8:57:00 10:10:44
10 Rotonda Ramón Llul 9:00:00 10:19:16
11 Avda. Cataluña 9:03:00 10:27:48
12 Ronda Norte 9:06:00 10:36:20
13 C/ Alfahuir 9:09:00 10:44:52
14 Calle Dolores Marqués 9:12:00 10:53:24
15 Rotonda Puente del Real 9:15:00 11:01:56
16 Plaza Zaragoza 9:18:00 11:10:28
17 Avenida Aragón 9:21:00 11:19:00
18 Avenida de Blasco Ibañez 9:24:00 11:27:32
19 Calle Marí Blas de Lezo 9:27:00 11:36:04
20 Avenida dels Tarongers 9:30:00 11:44:36
21 Calle Reina 9:33:00 11:53:08
M.M. Calle Reina 9:33:18 11:53:59
22 Avda. del Puerto 9:36:00 12:01:40
23 Calle de Menorca 9:39:00 12:10:12
24 Paseo de la Alameda 9:42:00 12:18:44
25 Paseo de la  Alameda 9:45:00 12:27:16
26 Paseo de la Alameda 9:48:00 12:35:48
27 Calle Trinitat 9:51:00 12:44:20
28 Plaza Tetuán 9:54:00 12:52:54
29 Plaza Ayuntamiento 9:57:00 13:01:26
30 C/ Angel Guimerá 10:00:00 13:09:58
31 Puente de las Glorias Valencianas 10:03:00 13:18:30
32 Avenida del Maestro Rodrigo 10:06:00 13:27:02
33 Rotonda Avenida General Avilés 10:09:00 13:35:34
34 Calle Nou D’Octubre 10:12:00 13:44:06
35 Avenida Tres Cruces 10:15:00 13:52:38
36 Calle Archiduque Carlos 10:18:00 14:01:10
37 Calle Archiduque Carlos 10:21:00 14:09:42
38 Calle Pintor Benedito 10:23:00 14:18:14
39 Calle Colón 10:26:00 14:26:46
40 Plaza América 10:29:00 14:35:18
41 Calle Alcalde Reig 10:32:00 14:43:50
42 Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias 10:35:00 14:52:22
42,195 META Lago CACSA frente Museo Príncipe Felipe 10:35:36 14:55:04

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