Run as a couple and get a discount for sharing ´Valencia — The Running City‘

1 February, 2018

Running the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon and Half-Marathon is a unique experience but running it with your partner makes it unforgettable. That is why Valencia — The Running City is holding its Saint Valentine’s Campaign for the second year on the trot with its “Love Packs” so that couples who want to enjoy the two trials in each other’s company can do so.

Run with your partner in Valencia — The Running City, and get a discount

From the 1st to the 14th of February, all runners will get the chance to cross the Valencia Marathon’s Start Line in The City of Arts and Sciences on the 2nd of December with their partners and receive a €10 discount for joint purchase of the two entries.

Valencia Marathon Love Packs

There is also something for those who want to run in Spain’s fastest Half-Marathon as well as or instead of the Marathon. The Half-Marathon is the world’s fastest running track for women. On the 28th of October you will have the chance to run this race and get a €4 discount into the bargain for the two running bibs.

Valencia Marathon Love Packs

Getting a discount for running and sharing Spain’s best Half-Marathon and Marathon is only posible in Valencia ‘The Running City’. Without a doubt, it is the best gift for lovers of running to share their love by taking up the special Valentine offer.

This Special Offer lasts until the 14th of February. It does not include RFEA Day Licenses.

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