Spain’s National Police Force will be part of the security and runner control arrangements for the Valencia Marathon and Half-Marathon

11 June, 2019

Spain’s National Police will form part of the security and control plan for the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon and Half-Marathon. Their co-operation will cover both security measures for runners and volunteers, and the detection and identification of runners wearing forged bibs in Spain’s best races, which will be held on the 27th of October and on the 1st of December.

Policia Nacional Maratón Tramposos

Several weeks ago, the Organisers of both trials informed all runners entered for the competitions that they would toughen the regulations “to include legal measures and actions to deal with those forging/copying a bib or running without one”. Meetings between the events’ security teams, representatives of the National Police in Valencia, the Legal Department, and Prosegur (security firm) confirmed that policing this year will not be limited to security as hitherto but will also include identification of runners breaking the regulations by taking part.

More checkpoints and forgery detection measures

In addition, the Organisers will set up new checkpoints before and after the Finishing Line in both races. This will facilitate detection and identification of any runners breaking the rules. The security forces will help in these tasks throughout the circuit.

The bibs for the Marathon, Half-Marathon, and 10-kilometre Race are being designed with special forgery-proof features. This will make forged bibs stand out and make it easy to apprehend the culprits.

Paco López, Head of Race Security; Alfredo Garrido, Regional Head of Operations; Raquel Carrero, Legal Advisor; Luis Zurita, Police Chief, National Police Force, Valencian Region; Patricia Carbonero, Head of Prosegur’s Legal Department; José Luis Garau, Head of the Intelligence Brigade.

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