IAAF gives Gold Label award to Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon

19 January, 2016

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and half Marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos and the Valencia Government, has been awarded the IAAF gold label; recognizing them as two of the best races in the world. The International Association of Athletics Federations bestowed the awards onto Valencia in 2016 in recognition of meeting and exceeding the race quality and organization criteria for the gold label in the 2015 races.

This is the first time that a Spanish event has received the Gold Label. The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon now take their place amongst the top tier of running events in the world. Over 30 years of hard work, dedication and passion for road running events in Valencia has resulted in this spectacular achievement.

The professional and sporting evolution of the event hit a crescendo in recent years thanks to the support and partnership of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation. Valencia has gone from an IAAF Bronze Label event to Gold Label event in just two years, the influence and collaboration of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation was one of the pillars of this evolution. Alongside the support of the foundation, the ever present support and supporters were the other key part of the equation. The IAAF criteria for Gold Label status is very strict and the IAAF does not award them lightly. The IAAF observers were present at the 2015 events and grading Valencia on criteria such as; level of elite athletes, quantity and quality of anti-doping controls, street planning and traffic control, refreshment points, media coverage and safety.

Paco Borao, director of the races and president of the SD Correcaminos running club, was emotional and grateful; “We are very proud of the awards that the IAAF has given us after so many years of hard work. This is the fruit of the work of everybody that works day to day on the Trinidad Alfonso Marathon and Half Marathon”.

I would like to thank, my club SD Correcaminos, the race, the Valencia Government and the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation; all of them, throughout the year, help to make the races what they are; gold. On top of being something that makes us proud, it also means a commitment to not only winning Gold Labels but also keeping them and making the race better every year. This our objective now”, stated Borao.

This award and recognition from the International Association of Athletics Federation will only add to the passion for running that flows through Valencia. The city has a great course, great supporters and in 2015 Valencia became the fastest Marathon in Spain. Valencia as a city and as a running destination has transformed over the last twenty years, of the 41 cities in the world that have a Gold Label, Valencia has two of them. Valencia will proudly wear its gold label and feel comfortable being mentioned in the same breath as other gold label events such as; Boston, Berlin and New York; also, Valencia is one of only 11 Gold Label half marathon events. Now, more than ever, Valencia is la Ciudad del Running.

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