Five tips about the ‘5k Circuit’: 5. Other Uses of the Turia Gardens

31 August, 2015

Turia Gardens, with over 110 hectares of green and sport areas, is the largest urban garden in Spain. It has all kinds of uses and spaces to maximize this green lung of the city of Valencia and 5K Circuit complements the extraordinary offer of this area.

However, 5K Circuit will mainly help to arrange users on the busiest areas. Thus, runners who may use the circuit will be able to live in order and harmony with other inhabitants of the Turia Garden, from strollers and cyclists to pets. They will now have well defined and marked areas that allow the use and enjoyment of all of this huge and crowded garden, as bicycles and cyclists have a specific lane throughout the Turia Garden, which allows bikes to ride through this delimited space without impeding their progress and being safer for the rest of users.

Throughout the space made up of 16 total sections in the Turia Garden, from the start on the 9 d’Octubre bridge, beside Cabecera Park, to the end of the part passing the City of Arts and Sciences, there are numerous public sports facilities to practice outdoor disciplines.

Turia Gardens also have other areas and adequate lanes for peaceful strolls with family or pets, which, away from runners and cyclists, will make the coexistence of all users on the old riverbed into something safer.

The fifth usage of available spaces in the Turia Gardens are the different spaces and green areas that users can enjoy to rest or relax on their own, with friends or family. It offers a journey through different lawns or trees with a different botanical area that cross the city of Valencia.

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