Circuit 5K: These Were the Construction Works

1 September, 2015

‘Circuit 5K Jardí del Turia’ is becoming a reality. After the project for a path especially designed for runners to be built along several stretches of river Turia was approved yesterday, construction works have already started to make this project come to life in the next few months.

Plano del circuito para corredores en el Jardín del Turia de Valencia

March, 27th: More meters are opened in section IX of the Turia Gardens

As the construction works of the circuit are advancing, coinciding with the other actions and activities that are taking place in the old riverbed, new sections of this circuit are being opened for runners. More than 200 meters between the Puente de la Exposición bridge and Puente de las Flores bridge ready to be deluged by runners. 


February, 25th 2015: Premiere of the first 391 meters

The first 391 metres are open to the public in the morning of the 25th day, in a ceremony in which the architect Carlos Campos explains the benefits of this surface which has already been used and enjoyed by the first runners.


February, 2015: The final area begins to be set in Section I

After the tests, the final area begins to be set in Section I, the closest side to the Parque de Cabecera park; a triple layer of material of 56 centimetres thick which will be stepped by runners.

Superficie Circuit 5K.

January, 2015: The surface is starting to be tested and sections are increasing

The construction of the ‘5K Circuit’ was developed in the following months on sections I, III, VI and IX, as this performance was combined with other works and activities in Turia Gardens. The new surface, which will be stepped by the runners and has been endorsed by the Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV) [Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia] has already begun its integration into this special lane.


Circuit 5K

November 2014: construction works begin

Construction works for Section I of Jardín del Turia started at the beginning of November. The first metres of this Circuit 5K are being revealed, setting out its downstream outline towards the east of the city.

Tramo I del Jardín del Turia.

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