Valencia, Land of Fallas and Running

16 March, 2016

Throughout the month of March in Valencia you will inhale the real aroma of Valencia; gunpowder! The Fallas festival is one of the most unique in the world, the fireworks don’t stop from the last Sunday of February with the “La Crida”.

“La Crida” is the kick off to a whole month of fireworks, parades, processions, parties and the burning of the “Fallas” at the end of the celebration. This marathon of a celebration has a strong connection to the major running events of the city.

This year, Valencia is requesting that UNESCO recognizes the Fallas celebration as a protected cultural heritage event. The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon will be backing the city all the way. Valencia’s Fallas celebration is one of the biggest street parties in the world, and one of the most unique.


The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon is more than happy to back the bid as the fallas associations and members form a massive part of the spectators for the races and a lot of the entertainment and local color of the running events. The races also have a separate completion foe the “Fastest Fallero”.

Road races and street carnivals are fairly different events but they both bring thousands of people together in the same place. The Valencia Marathon, Half Marathon and Fallas bring tens of thousands of tourists to the city every year. With blue skies and great winter temperatures, Valencia is a great place to visit in March for Fallas and in October and November for the Marathon and Half Marathon.



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