Valencia Marathon opens entries, with 30,000 bibs available for the 40th anniversary of the race

11 December, 2019

The Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP, organised by SD Correcaminos (running club) and Valencia City Council, opens entries for the next edition of the trial, which will be held on the 6th of December 2020, the year marking the 40th anniversary of the race.

After a record 2019 edition, in which race bibs ran out five months before the trial date, and a new record for Finishers was set, the Organisers have boosted the 2020 ceiling on bib numbers to 30,000. This is 5,000 more than in the 2019 edition.

As in the Valencia Half-Marathon, entries for the 40th edition of the Marathon will be released in tranches instead of by date ranges. The Organisers will continue to reward those runners who enter early. There will be three tranches of 10,000 bibs. Bibs in the first tranche will be sold at €60 each, those in the second tranche at €80, and in the third and final tranche, at €100.



Valencia again rewards loyalty with discounts

Once again this year, all participants in the 39th edition can take advantage of a discount on entries for the 40th edition. The discount will be available up until the 10th of December. The Organisers will thus reward runners’ loyalty for signing up early for the 40th edition of the trial and so avoiding the risk of being left without a bib.

The promotion for acquiring a bib at a cut price (€50) will also be applied to those runners who were on the 2019 Waiting List but who were not lucky enough to get a place in the race.

Two-race packs at a keener price

Once again this year, the Organisers are launching entry packs for the Valencia Half-Marathon (25th October 2020) and for the Marathon. This rewards runners who again compete in the race in Valencia Ciudad del Running. The price of each pack carries a €10 discount for both bibs on the price for the corresponding tranche of entries.

Short-sleeved shirt or strapped shirt

This year, runners can again choose between two models of Luanvi shirt — the short-sleeved one or the strapped one — during the entry process. This choice will be available up until the 30th of June 2020.

More services and better ones

The Valencia Marathon is always striving to enhance its services to runners. We shall continue all the services provided in past editions (such as refund for injury (where justified by a medical certificate), free cancellation of hotel bookings made on the WelcomeToValencia.com web site, and the option of changing the runner’s name if the person who originally entered is unable to compete.

Finish what you started

For the fourth year in a row, the Organisers are giving a second chance to all those runners who, for whatever reason, dropped out of the race at Kilometre 25 and did not cross the Finishing Line. Through this initiative, such runners can enter the next trial for just €30 and thus make their dream come true in 2020. This special offer will be available from the official closure of the classifications on the 10th of December. Runners have up until the 30th of June to take up the offer.

Save the Children, entidad solidaria 2020

La organización no gubernamental que acaba de celebrar el centenario de su creación y que trabaja para asegurar la supervivencia, escolarización y protección de los niños frente a la violencia es la entidad solidaria de la prueba en 2020.

De este modo, Save the Children podrá beneficiarse de las donaciones voluntarias de 3€ que los corredores podrán hacer durante el proceso de inscripción, junto con las inscripciones del Mini Maratón Valencia, en una acción a la que se suma el euro por cada corredor llegado a meta que la Fundación Trinidad Alfonso.

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