The Valencia Half-Marathon and Marathon are on the final tranche of entries

16 December, 2019

The Valencia Half-Marathon and the Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP have reached the final tranches of race bibs, which means that there are under 10,000 entries left for each of the trials despite there being 11 months, and a year to go — respectively — for the trials.

Last Bibs

The Valencia Marathon will be held on the 6th of December 2020, with 30,000 bibs for the 40th edition of the race. These are split into three tranches priced at €60, €80, and €100. The first tranche of 10,000 bibs was put on sale on the day following the previous trial and sold out in under 48 hours. The second tranche of 10,000 bibs sold out just nine days later. Right now, there are just a little over 9000 bibs left.

In the case of the Valencia Half-Marathon , the rate of entries has also set a record pace. Since the opening of the first tranche at a price of €30, no fewer than 11,000 runners have signed up. This leaves the second and third tranches at €40. Entries will be on sale until the ceiling of 20,000 is reached for the race on the 25th of October 2020, when Valencia’s Half-Marathon will premiere the new SuperHalfs circuit.

Loyalty Pack Offer for the two races

Entries for the 21km race have been spurred on by the Marathon given that 2031 runners have opted for the pack of both trials, which offers an overall saving of €10. Furthermore, a loyalty programme offering discounts has been launched for those who ran in the 2019 race or who were on the Waiting List. No fewer than 6860 runners of the 42km race and 2467 of the Half-Marathon have benefited from the scheme.

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