The RFEA again ranks Valencia‘s Half-Marathon and Marathon as Spain’s best races

26 December, 2017

The two great races in Valencia (The Running City) have been rated by Spain’s Royal Athletics Federation (RFEA) yet again as the best road races in the country.

The RFEA has published its list of Spain’s best races . This year, the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Half-Marathon and the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso Marathon are again ranked first in the list of 22-kilometre and 42-kilometre races, respectively.

Best Races in Spain - RFEA

In drawing up the ranking, the Spanish Athletics Federation analysed aspects such as organisational capabilities, length of time in the RFEA calendar, the competition’s sporting level, and the level of the athletes taking part in the events over the last three sporting seasons.

The Half-Marathon was given 2,854 points for the 2016/2017 Season, bringing its average score over the last three seasons to 2,608 points — ahead of the 1,892 points awarded to the eDreams Barcelona Half-Marathon or the Madrid City Half-Marathon, which only scored an average of 1,579 points over the last three years.

This news comes in a year in which The Half-Marathon has seen a new Women’s World Record set by Joyciline Jepokosgei, who crossed the Finishing Line in Valencia with a time of 1:04:51, and a rise in the number of Finishers.

The Valencia Marathon , held by SD Correcaminos [running club] and Valencia City Council, not only consolidated its position as Spain’s fastest 42,195m-trial in Spain with the victory of Kenyan runner Sammy Kitwara (2:05:15), but also lengthened its lead as Spain’s best Marathon.

The 3,046 points garnered by Valencia’s Marathon in 2016/2017 has set a new record score for this trial, up on the 3,008 points awarded last year. This raises the average score for the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon over the last three years to 2,552, well ahead of Seville’s Zurich Marathon (1,876) and Barcelona’s Zurich Marathon (1,850).

Last, the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso 10-kilometre Race(which is held in parallel with the Marathon) was also ranked highly among the best RFEA 10-kilometre trials , scoring 757 points, placing it in third position after the International San Silvestre Vallecana and the 10-kilometre Villa de Laredo Race.

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