Calendar of road races in Valencia — The Running City — scheduled for 2018

14 December, 2017

Valencia — The Running City, has already drawn up its calendar of races for 2018. Once again, it will have a big range of trials over the following months, with races of all distances on offer for runners.

There are new features in the 14th ‘Divina Pastora’ [sponsoring insurance company] Circuit, with various new races such as the 1st Valencia City Run, the 1st Marta Fernández de Castro Race. There will also be variations on some of the classic trials in the city’s running calendar, which will be held on other dates next year.

Among other new features, one should note the creation of two new categories: universities, and ‘fallas’ [associations making Valencia’s huge, world-famed papier mâché figures for the festival of the same name]. This makes it possible for any runner to represent his/her ‘falla’ association or university. At the end of the race, prizes will be given for both the fastest times and the biggest number of entries, in both categories.

The youngest runners are not forgotten in the new events. Youngsters aged between 14 and 18 can represent their schools. At the end of the season, a prize will be given to the school with the greatest number of runners taking part.

Furthermore, all those taking part in at least 9 or 10 trials on the Circuit will automatically be entitled to a €3 discount on an entry to the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Half-Marathon, and €5 in the case of the Marathon, for the 2019 editions of these races.

Main 2018 Races

In addition, Valencia will hold three major international events in 2018. As well as the usual fixtures (albeit with new dates in 2018) — the Half-Marathon and Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon, the 24th of March 2018 will also mark a new first in the city’s running history — the IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso Half-Marathon World Championship in Valencia. This is yet one more step on the way to turn Valencia into the heart of the world’s road race scene. Thousands of amateur runners will get the chance to run alongside the world’s top athletes on the same circuit.

The new date for the Valencia Marathon is the 2nd of December. This is to avoid a clash with the Cheste Motorcycle Gran Prix. There have also been some changes to the usual dates for the races held towards the end of the year.


14thJanuary10-kilometre Valencia Ibercaja Race
27thJanuary37th King’s and Queen’s Cup for Clubs’ Indoor Track Events
28thJanuary20th ‘Galápagos’ Amateur Race (DP Circuit)
2ndFebruary2018 ‘City of Valencia’ Prize for Indoor Athletics
17thFebruary4th Charity Race for Von Hippel Lindau (VHL) Disease
18thFebruary6th 15-kilometre Valencia ‘Seaside Race’
17th and 18thFebruary54th Spanish Indoor Athletics Championship
25thFebruary4th ‘Never Stop Running’ Race (DP Circuit)
3rdMarch1st Run round Valencia’s ‘Vents di Venezia’ Yacht Haven Race
4thMarch5th 10-kilometre Women’s Race — Sportswomen’s Day
11thMarch1st City Run (DP Circuit)
24thMarch2018 IAAF/Trinidad Alfonso Half-Marathon World Championship in Valencia
28thMarchIES Serpis Charity Race
2ndApril’Red Nose’ Charity Race [proceeds to paediatric charity]
8th and 9thApril24-hour Dawn Valencia Endurance Run
8thApril7th Valencian Companies Race
14thApril5th Charity Run for Parkinson’s Disease
14thApril3rd CEIP Arquitecte Santiago Calatrava [primary school] Charity Run
15thApril14th Women’s Race
22ndApril5th José Antonio Redolat Race (DP Circuit)
28thAprilSeaside Schools Run
29thApril5th Ekiden Valencia Clínica Baviera (Relay Marathon).
29thApril6ª Holi Run – Colours Race
6thMay6th Amateur Red Cross Charity Race.
11th to 13thMayAVAPACE Challenge
12thMay3rd Seaside Triathlon – Santander Triathlon Series
20thMay36th València Caixa Popular [bank] City Run
27thMayValencia FC Foundation Run (DP Circuit)
27thMay16th Valencia Amateur Triathlon (Pinedo)
31stMay3rd B2RUN
2ndJune6th 15-kilometre Banco Mediolanum Night Race
8thJuneValencia Beach Run
10thJuneMD A300w Spanish Triathlon Cup. Valencia 113
17June1st Marta Fernández de Castro Race (DP Circuit)
8thJuly7-kilometre El Palmar
8thJuly2nd 10-kilometre Valencia Royal Yachting Club (RCNV)
2ndSeptember5th Carpesa Run
8th and 9thSeptember9th Valencia Triathlon. Valencia Yacht Haven
9thSeptember5th 10-kilometre Horta Castellar-L’Oliveral Race
17thSeptember6th Charity Run to Aid the Sahrawis
23rdSeptember42nd Run from Barris de Sant Marcel•lí to Sant Isidre (DP Circuit)
29thSeptemberRSR Valencian Fire Brigade Night Run
30thSeptemberCan-rrera Bioparc
7thOctober9th ‘Falles’ Run (DP Circuit)
14thOctoberSanitas Marca Running Series Valencia
21stOctober2018 Valencia Fights Cancer Run
28thOctober28th Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Half-Marathon.
4thNovember18th Cabanyal Run (DP Circuit)
25November7th University of Valencia Race – Physical Education and Sports Department (DP Circuit)
25thNovember6th Pack Run, Valencia Bioparc
2ndDecember38th Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon
2ndDecember10-kilometre Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Race.
16thDecemberEXERCISE Circuit (Alter Valencia)
16thDecember31st Valencia Port Run
30thDecember35th Valencia Saint Sylvester Run

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