Valencia Ciudad del Running, a unique brand to join the most international races in the city

29 January, 2014

Valencia Ciudad del Running is born; a strategic concept that aims to combine efforts in consolidating Valencia as a city of international reference in the practice of popular athletics and long-distance races.

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With the main contribution of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundations and under the organization of the SD Correcaminos and the Valencia City Council, the brand Valencia Ciudad del Running will corporately bring together the most international events in the city: Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon, Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Trinidad Alfonso Valencia 10-K, which takes part at the same time as the marathon. These races are the best representative of the popular athletics. The concept of Valencia Ciudad del Running aims to go further and involve all races held on the streets of the city of Valencia.

The launch of the initiative Valencia Ciudad del Running intends to be a step forward in the steady growth that the practice of the foot race has experienced in recent years in Valencia and has been reaffirmed in the sporting and organizational success of the marathon and the half marathon of the city, which in the 2013 edition were awarded with the bronze and silver label, respectively.

However, the concept of Valencia Ciudad del Running also seeks to transmit the qualities and the offer of Valencia beyond the city as a reference in the promotion of sport, always in search of participatory sports tourism, as reflected in the Strategic Plan of the sport in the city.

The orographical conditions and the weather of Valencia are optimal for the three major races to become a benchmark within the wide range of sports in the city, which is completed with 25 more popular races held during the year and, in its extent, they will be reinforced and present in the web page valenciaciudaddelrunning.com.

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