Statements from the winners of the Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP

10 December, 2020

Statements from the winners of the Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP Elite Edition:

Evans Chebet (2h03:00)

“I am happy, I have run very well and I am happy because I have been able to run in Valencia, I have been lucky to do it this year. I had read about Valencia but I had never been able to run here and I feel lucky to do so, I am glad to have improved my own personal best time. Valencia is a fantastic circuit to run”.

“At no time has it been easy, my goal was to get into the top 3 in the race to have a chance of getting into the Kenyan Olympic team.”

Peres Jepchirchir (2h17:16)

“I have had a good day and I thank God for it. I had a lot of respect for the distance but I wanted to win and when I saw I had the strength to accelerate I went for the race record. Now my next goal is the world record or to get close to it”.

“I wasn’t expecting to run 2:17, so why wouldn’t I come back next year and improve my time”.

Marc Roig: 

“In this sport it is very easy to see where we have set the time this year and where we want to get to next year. We will take 24 hours to enjoy this sweet moment and from then on we will be thinking about what we want, which will be at least 2h02 and 2h16. The goal for next year is to improve on what we have achieved. We know it’s difficult, but we like challenges”.

“Whenever we want to set personal bests we have to adapt to the weather conditions around us. There has been a little wind and we had to adapt. They finished with spent muscles, in my view this is because they have demanded the maximum of themselves and they cannot be criticised in any way”.

Paco Borao: 

“We wanted to give a boost to athletics through what currently know how to do best, long-distance races. We have put all our effort into it. These two athletes have delighted us by winning the 40th edition with times that have broken the race records for both men and women.

“In the marathon, the men’s record was broken by almost a minute which now places us among the best in the world. We have also beaten the women’s record for this race that was set last year”.

“Athletics lives on records, so next year we will return on different dates, if the coronavirus allows, or with both races together, but always looking to once again beat records for both men and women. That’s the goal”.

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