The Marathon and Half Marathon health bubble returns 100% negative PCR tests

10 December, 2020

The medical and healthcare service for the Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP Elite Edition and the Half Marathon race, which are to be held jointly, is now up and running in the two bubble hotels that the organisers have arranged to host the more than 250 athletes who will take to the start line this Sunday.

Under the strict health protocol coordinated by the race medical director, Luis Cort, all the international and national athletes have had to undergo a second PCR test to be able to continue within this health bubble and be able to take to the start line of the Valencia Half Marathon or Marathon Elite Edition. At present, the analysis of these tests carried out in the Bionos Biotech laboratory has been satisfactory, since 100% of the results have been negative so far.

MV pruebas PCR

This testing, which has been carried out by race medical staff, will continue on Saturday with the last runners to join the two bubble hotels and no runner who has not passed this second PCR test will be allowed to take to the start line. It must be remembered that all the athletes enrolled in the first Entry List have already had to submit a negative result for a PCR test taken before embarking on their trip to Valencia. In addition, their inner circle, including coaches or managers, also went through the same process.

To facilitate this, the competition has the Connect by Circular-Lab platform and the AQ Reader tool to ensure a Covid-free race. This technological system, which is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, allows any Covid risk situation to be anticipated thanks to the information collected and centralised in real time before, during and after the more than 700 PCR tests that will be carried out on the athletes and organisers of this event. 

The Circular-Lab technology will help pre-designed protocols be implemented that are adapted to all phases of the competition, from prevention and detection to action in order to ensure a Covid-free event. 

Meals and technical talk in the hotel room

In addition, the professional athletes taking part in the Valencia Marathon or Half Marathon will have to eat their breakfast, lunch and dinner in their rooms, where the staff of the AC Hotel Valencia, sponsor of this 40th anniversary, and Ilunion Aqua will deliver their menus so as to avoid them sharing spaces without wearing the mandatory mask.

MV comida habitaciones

The usual technical talk the day before the race was carried out via streaming, so that the athletes and their coaches could go over the final details related to the race from their hotel rooms without having to attend in person.

MV comida hotel

Safer organisation, thanks to Movistar

In addition, the organiser’s staff and all personnel authorised to work at the event have a new safety device, because thanks to Movistar, the race’s new technological partner, all certified personnel at the event must carry an electronic device to monitor distances and ensure traceability, which will allow the people carrying them to be aware through different warnings when they are not respecting the safety distance. In addition, if there are any positive cases, it will allow the organisers to trace, while respecting privacy at all times, the movements of each person and monitor which other people they have been in contact with and for how long in order to be able to provide this information to the health authorities, if requested from the organisers.

With the help of beacon and Bluetooth low energy connectivity standards, the system is able to notify a person who has been in contact with someone who is diagnosed with Covid-19 through a cloud service with encrypted data that is 100% compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations.

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