Running the Half Marathon and repeating in the Valencia Marathon or the 10K has discount

10 January, 2017

With the change to the second stage of registration prices of Valencia the Half Marathon, the registration packages are also on sale to combine two events in Valencia Ciudad del Running.

Thus, runners who register together to the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Half Marathon and EDP Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon, to run the two events on 22nd October and 19th November 2017, will have a discount of seven euros with respect to the current stage, which lasts until 30, June. Running in 2017 the first two IAAF Gold Label races will have a price of €68 with seven euros discount.


In addition, runners who want to enjoy the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso 10K on the 19th November after having run the fastest half marathon in Spain can also benefit from discounts on the prices for these two races by acquiring the bibs together. This combination has a price of €35 with five euros discount on the current price of the two events separately.


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