Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon Running Fallero competiton announces winners

17 November, 2015

This year’s edition of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos and the Valencian Government, was the best ever in terms of track records broken, total number of runners and crowd attendance. One of the biggest reasons for the continuous rise in crowd numbers is down to the involvement of local Valencian social groups: Fallas. The fallas are a huge part of Valencian society that are in every neighborhood of the city. Many Fallas have memberships in the thousands, and there are more than 800 fallas associations just in the Valencia metropolitan area. The fallas have always supported the Valencia Marathon, as they do with most events, but in the last few years the marathon organizers have worked with them to further increase their involvement in the race and marathon events.

In the competition ‘Run for your falla’ more than 170 runners represented their falla association in the marathon to see who would be crowned ‘Fastest Fallero’. Enric Alemany Escamilla form the ‘Falla Cruz y Mislata’ won the falla running competition with a very good time of 2:46:53. In second position, Víctor Hortelano García from ‘Comisión Camino de Moncada – Pintor Jacomart’ finished in 2:47:26. Coming in at third place was Antonio Ferrer Navarro from ‘Comisión Falla San José Pignatelli’ who finished in 2:54:22.

In the female falla category the winner with a very respectable 3:36:50 was María José Hernández Almudéver from ‘Comisión Pintor Pascual Capuz – Fontanares’ second and third were  both from the same falla association ‘Falla Portal de Valldigna – Salinas’. Mariam Talens Artigues, second, and Amparo Albacete Cremades, both finished at the same time; 3:52:20.

The fallas provide 170 runners and massive crowd support. The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon in association with the fallas developed 3 crowd support categories for the fallas to compete in. The winners this year were:

• Best Atmosphere: Falla Duque de Gaeta

duque de gaeta

• Biggest Crowd: Santa Maria Micaela – Martín el Humá.


• Most original support: Falla Islas Canarias-Dama de Elche and Falla García Lorca


El empate entre estas dos fallas ha sido reconocido con una doble distinción para ambas, que recibirán su premio respectivo. Con este gesto, la Fundación Trinidad Alfonso quiere incentivar la participación y agradecer la participación e involucración de las Fallas en esta actividad de animación.



The Valencia crowd along with the Falla Associations make Valencia one of the best supported marathons in Europe.

Falla Arquitecto Alfaro Francisco Cubells
Falla Daroca-Padre Viñas
Falla Pl. Alfonso El Magnánimo-Nave
Falla Islas Canarias Trafalgar
Falla Pedro Cabanes-Conde Lumiares
San Vicente de Paúl-Diputada Clara Campoamor
Falla Santa Maria Micaela – Martí l’Humà
Falla Avd. del Oeste – Els Velluters
Falla Islas Canarias – Dama de Elche
Falla Jesús – San Francisco de Borja
Falla Sanchis Bergón – Turia
Dr. J.J. Dómine Port
Falla Duque de Gaeta
Falla Ramón de Rocafull
Falla Maestro Bellver – Mariano Ribera
Falla Els Jovenils
Falla García Olta – Lorca
Falla Alcácer – Yátova
Falla José Soto Mico – Síndico Mocholí
Falla Dr. Gil y Morte – Dr. Vila Barberá
Falla Luis Oliag – Mariola Granada
Falla Músico Espí – Grabado Fabregat
Falla Ripalda Beneficiència i Sant Ramón

The added drama of the fallas having their own runners compete, results in an awesome friendly rivalry between them that means quick amateur finishing times, lots of music, great costumes, local flavor and a vibrant event that welcomes and entertains all.

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