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15 October, 2015

Follow the live race on our website

Through the web www.mediomaratonvalencia.com you will see the race live online and follow in detail everything that happens on October 18 in the fastest marathon of Spain. Watch it again

Rankings at the end of the race

Once finished the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon, we invite you to head to our official web www.mediomaratonvalencia.com to check your results. Something that can also be done by your Smartphone and QR code that includes your race number.

Where can I get my photograph and my diploma?

Beginning Monday, October 19, www.marathon-photos.com gives you the opportunity to buy your photograph crossing the finishing line of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon. In addition, from this website, you can find the diploma service and download your own finisher diploma for free

Will there be videos of race where I can see myself?

Yes. On Monday, October 19, www.mediomaratonvalencia.com, our official website, you can see and download the start of the race, kilometer 10 and finish line videos.



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