The Valencia half-marathon elite are trying to improve their times in the City of Running

16 October, 2015

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia half-marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos, will feature the best atheletes in order to defend the world’s best time for the distance and to beat the record for a fifth consecutive year. All those hoping to triumph in the Valencian race were presented at the runner’s press conference at the Lanzadera headquarters in the Royal Marina. Paco Borao, president of AIMS and SD Correcaminos, was the master of ceremonies at the trial, along with Rashid Ben Meziane, sports director of the event.

Before introducing the runners who will be setting the pace, Borao wanted to emphasize that “we have grown to become one of the best half-marathons in the world. These runners have offered to run fro free because in Valencia they can improve their times in a city that favours the race”. The weather and the large number of runners has led to an ambitious goal, which, as the president of Correcaminos explains, will be an assult “on the race record: 58 m:48 s logged by Abraham Cheroben last year”.

Cheroben himself was one of these elete atheletes at this presentration. Althoguh on this occasion he shares the view of expert Leonard Komon, world 10k and 15k record-holder. “Changing to a half-marathon is not easy”, explained Komon. “My goal for the race is to try to stop the clock at 58 m:23 s, the world record. I haven’t come to participate. I’ve come to win”, was the ambitioous message from one of the great atheletes that we should keep in mind for Sunday.

In the Women’s category, in addition to African runners, its worth highlighting the special appearance of the Japanese team this year, for the first time in Spain. Mao Kiyoto, one of the leading Japansese runners, has set her goal to “drop the local record of 1 h:09 m, and to stay ahead of the leading group”.

Among the national runners Marta Esteban stands out. The Valencian runner from the Cárnicas Serrano group, wanted to say thanks for the “opportunity to be able to run in the race. Although I cam prepraing for the Valencia marathon, which is my real objective, I can’t pass up on participating in this trial. I’m aiming to beat my personal best of 1 h:14 m”.

5k Circuit and Valencia Basket

The runners, who are already prepped for the big event in the city, also saw the Valencia City of Running 5k circut first hand. A track which we can be sure has stretched the legs of thousands of Valencian runners who train on it every day and who enjoy the new installation.

Lastly, these elete atheletes were able to share some time with the Valencia Basketball Club players. As every year, the reference basketball team in the Valencianan Community has shown its support for the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia half-marathon by participating at its Runner’s fair stand and by encouraging and cheering on the atheletes.

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