Rock out at the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon

12 November, 2015

The Amstel Rock&Run party is back once again!! Adding to the already loud and colorful atmosphere at the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon will be live music and DJs throughout the weekend and race. At the runners fair in the City of Arts and Sciences you will find the main stage, get your air guitar out and your stank face on!

The music is there to increase the atmosphere, get the crowd revved up, and most importantly; keep the runners going during the race throughout their arduous 42.195 meters.

At the Expodeporte on the 13th and 14th of November their will be many bands playing with different musical styles, but let´s face it; it’s mostly Rock! And we have no complaints with that!! The groups are Valencian bands that will play their hearts out to the biggest crowds of their careers. You may think that Spanish music is Flamenco and clapping, but Rock and Indie have exploded in recent years and Spain has a burgeoning live music scene with many bands singing in English.

On Sunday afternoon the Valencian Association of Pro DJs will take over and be pumping out the best in commercial dance and pop to get the party going in the finish line area. As the finishers cross the spectacular line on the lake, the crowd will be bouncing along to what is a great sporting event, and a great musical one too.

Schedule for Rock and Run 2015:

Jimmy ProjectFriday18:00
Los IrresponsablesFriday19:00
Arturo y los ChipioronesSaturday13:00
The Third GradeSaturday14:00
Black Tanga HorseSaturday17:00
El Quinto ElementoSaturday18:00

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