The pacemakers of Valencia Half Marathon will help you achieve your personal best

4 October, 2016

More than 13,000 runners have already signed up for the 26th edition of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos. Thousands of runners will take part in the race and despite the fact that each of them comes from a different background, they all share the same goals: to enjoy running in Valencia, the City of Running, and try to achieve their personal best and even beat it. That is why the organizers have chosen eight people to guide them towards the finish line: the pacemakers.

As in previous years, there will be pacemakers amongst the runners as a reference for them to know their pace in the race. In 2016, eight pacemakers will run in 1:30, 1:45, 2:00 and 2:15. There will be two of them in each section. Each couple of pacemakers will start from the corresponding box and they will wear the sponsor’s equipment, Luanvi, and they will carry banners displaying the time in which they will finish the race. This way, every runner will see them from the distance.

Women will also set the pace

For the first time in the history of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon, there will be two women in the pacemakers’ group. They are Paqui Martínez Luján, who will try to run in 01:45, and Emilia Romo Montealegre, who will try to do it with a maximum time of 02:15. This shows that more and more women are participating in long-distance races and this trend is unstoppable. In fact, their participation in the Valencia Half Marathon has increased by 14% compared to 2015 numbers with more than 3,000 women.

Jesús Javier Peña Cañas 1:30 Paco Ferriols Martinez 2:00
José Romero Marco 1:30 Jesús Gómez Garcés 2:00
Angel Alcañiz Villar 1:45 Emilia Romo Montealegre 2:15
Paqui Martinez Luján 1:45 Alfredo Pastor 2:15

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