The Half Marathon presents its official t-shirt to fly over the gold route of Valencia

28 September, 2016

Medio Maratón Valencia Camisetas 2016

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon, which has been awarded the first IAFF Gold Label in Spain, has presented the race official t-shirts. The Valencian firm Luanvi is again the one in charge of producing this special t-shirt for the men and women who run the Half Marathon in the City of Running on the 23rd of October.

This edition’s t-shirt is part of the gold line which symbolizes the international award received by the half marathon and its slogan, ‘Fly in Valencia’, represents the speed of the 21 km route across the city. This t-shirt is as light as possible so that runners can ‘fly’, since it has been produced with a state-of-the-art fabric which reduces its weight to the highest degree. The t-shirt for men only weights 90 grams and the strapped one for women weights 57 grams, which is 15 grams less than any other technical garment.

The Gold Label and the famous skyline of the city of Valencia are some of the details that runners will find on the t-shirts they will wear on the 23rd of October. The hashtag #ValenciaEsOro will be printed on the t-shirt, as well as the distance of 21.097,5 metres that thousands of participants will run on the 26th edition of the Valencia Half Marathon.

T-shirt technical features:

Mesh reticle fabric with microfibre spinning made of multifilament polyester to make the technical garment as light as possible. Fast evaporation of sweat due to our cool skin process to treat fibres. The whole garment has been decorated by sublimation printing. This way there is no extra weight added nor perspiration blockage areas.

About Luanvi:

Luanvi became the official sports sponsor of the Valencia Half Marathon three years agao and it will be until 2018. In addition, it sponsors other national races: Freno Atresmedia, Liberty Seguros and Renault Street Run. This firm produced more than 240,000 race technical t-shirts in 2015.

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