New WhatsApp runner support: Valencia City of Running will be fast with your doubts

5 March, 2015

The platform Valencia City of Running continues to grow its services for runners. It is launching a new direct communication service with runners using WhatsApp instant messaging service, with the aim of providing a faster and more efficient way to solve the doubts and problems of runners and city neighbours.

Using the mobile number 672114201, anyone can send their queries, which will be answered through the Runner Support Line (Teléfono de Atención al Corredor, TAC), which was already working to solve these kind of questions via landline (96 394 02 00) or email. Usual hours for this messaging service will be the same as for TAC, which are 10 to 14 and 16 to 18, Monday to Friday. At exceptional times, like for instance at the time of a big event, there will be special hours of support.


This new runner support service wants to be a fast and efficient platform to solve simple doubts and questions, such as race schedules, itineraries, or registration prices, among other things. But it aims especially to be a quick, direct and free method for runners visiting us in big athletics events to obtain answers to their doubts.

Email and phone will still be operating though, and queries which require more time will be referred to one of these ways of support.

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