realbuzz.com partners with SuperHalfs to launch a joint entry scheme and a charitable programme

5 February, 2020

The SuperHalfs international series brings together the world’s best half-marathons (Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff, and Valencia). Now SuperHalfs is partnering with the realbuzz.com platform. Realbuzz are experts in online sales and fund-raising for charities. To this end, they are creating a new web site for the circuit and will take over the tasks of managing official entries, the charitable programme, and support in preparations for the SuperHalfs.

The SuperHalfs series brings together five of the world’s leading marathons to foster physical activity, tourism, and environmental sustainability. The new partnership with realbuzz.com will allow runners to monitor their participation in the races through a Digital Passport and access a whole raft of content covering training, health, and nutrition, as well as ensuring entry in each of the five events making up the series, whether through individual entries, through an official charity, or through a joint entry for all five races.

Runners who wish to compete in all five trials can begin their preparations right now, and take advantage of the many new features offered by the recently launched web site developed by realbuzz.com.

Digital Passport

Entered runners can, if they so wish open an account at www.superhalfs.com to obtain a unique Digital Passport number, which will allow them to monitor their participation in the series and, once they have completed all five races, to receive their SuperMedal. Presentation of the passport will be made after the end of the first trial of 2020, on Sunday the 22nd of March in Lisbon.

Opening an account at www.superhalfs.com will also entitle you to exclusive benefits such as unique merchandising over the following months, priority access to trial entries, and guaranteed participation in the trials even after race bibs have run out.

Official Charities

SuperHalfs and realbuzz.com have joined forces so that they can work with various international charities, offering runners the chance to raise funds for a worthy cause as part of their sports adventure in the SuperHalfs. Running for a worthy cause not only helps athletes change other people’s lives for the better, it also benefits runners. These benefits include guaranteed entries for SuperHalfs events even when race bibs have run out, and exclusive support for fund-raising activities and training.

Joint Entry

As well as entries for individual races, those runners who want to complete the series in 36 months can enter for all five races. Each pack contains five codes, which can be exchanged for entries for each of the five events. The codes remain valid for 36 months from the moment of purchase, allowing runners to plan their trips to the five cities in the series over a three-year period. However, most runners will likely try to complete the circuit in just one season, maybe even before the end of 2020.

Glenn Lattimer, General Secretary of the SuperHalfs, says that “Since we announced the circuit in September 2019, the SuperHalfs series has had an amazing reception, with thousands of runners throughout Europe and the world eager to begin their tour of these five great cities, starting in 2020. We partnered with realbuzz.com to develop a new web site that would allow those fully committed to the series to: become SuperRunners; monitor their participation through a Digital Passport; buy entries for the series; guarantee a race bib through our charitable programme”.

Paco Borao, President of SD Correcaminos (running club), the organiser of the Valencia Half-Marathon, stated that “This alliance with realbuzz will help us reach our goal of being a more international trial, attracting runners from all over Europe”.

Tim Rogers, Director of realbuzz, adds that “We are delighted to work with the SuperHalfs team to build the web site and the charitable fund-raising programme for this leading half-marathon series. It is a golden opportunity for runners of all levels to challenge themselves and to embark on an adventure they will remember for the rest of their lives. Raising money for the charity they choose is one of the best ways runners can make their participation in the SuperHalfs even more memorable”.

To learn more about the series, how to begin the adventure, how the Digital Passport works, or to enter for one of the five races, visit the official web site at www.superhalfs.com

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