The medal for running 21,097.5 golden metres

18 October, 2017

This Sunday the 22nd of October 2017 , over 14,200 runners from 84 countries will take part in the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Half-Marathon, the only event of its kind in Spain that has the IAAF’s Gold Label.

Presentation of the Valencia Half-Marathon

Athletes and amateur runners, spurred on by those in over 30 support tents, 600 volunteers and Valencia’s public, will strive to make their dreams come true. The City of Valencia will see history in the making as each step and kilometre brings runners closer to their final reward.

The Valencia Half-Marathon wishes to celebrate all these sagas of effort and achievement. That is why we have decided to make Spain’s best Half-Marathon on Sunday the 22nd of October unforgettable. All finishers will receive a commemorative medal for the trial in recognistion of their preparation and success in completing the 21,097.5 metres in Spain’s fastest Half-Marathon circuit.

Valencia Half-Marathon Medal

Furthermore, runners who so wish can personalise the medals with their name and time in the area behind the finishing line. The service can be reserved in any one of the following ways:

  • Prior to the Valencia Half-Marathon. The service can be reserved before running the race by going online. This is the cheapest option, at €4 on registering for the trial or subsequently through this link.
  • At the Runners’ Fair, on the days before the race. A ticket can be bought at the Medal Engraving Service stand. The ticket can be bought on Friday the 21st or on Saturday the 22nd of October for €5.

In both case, participants requesting this service must pick up an accreditation bracelet at the stand in the Runners’ Fair.

  • In the area behind the finishing line , once the race is over, on the 23rd of October. Here, athletes can personalise their finisher medals for the 2017 Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Half-Marathon. The inscription will show the runner’s name and time. The price for this service is €10 .

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