Cheroben wins the Half-Marathon again. His time breaks the record for the event for the seventh year on the trot

22 October, 2017

The victory chalked up by Abraham Cheroben in the Half-Marathon came with a splendid time of 59:11. This is the seventh year on the trot that the record for Valencia’s Half-Marathon has been beaten. This is all the more remarkable given that the Valencia event is the fastest Half-Marathon trial in Spain.

Although this was not enough to break the all-time record for the trial, it does show just how fast the Valencia circuit is, with all the winners of the 21,097.5 metre Half-Marathons run since 2011 turning in times under 60 minutes. The runners sharing the victory podium with Cheroben were Leul Gebresilase (59:19) and Tsadik Moen  (59:22)

This year, no fewer than four runners beat the time to the finishing line next to Marina de Valencia [business park], showing just how quick the Valencia circuit is.

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