The Marathon and the Half Marathon will manage water in a responsible way

13 October, 2016


The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon and the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon have always been aware of environmental issues and have tried to implement sports improvements for runners and, in this case, for the races themselves.

In their 2016 edition, the big races of the City of Running, both the Valencia Half Marathon and the Marathon, will continue to raise awareness of environmental issues. That is why the organizers have decided to remove the water diffusers which were placed all along the race course. The main reason to implement this measure lays in the need to use water, which is such an essential resource, in a rational and sustainable manner. Instead of this kind of water supply, the organizers will make sure that, besides the food supplies at the finish area, all refreshment stations have more bottles of water so that all runners can cool down along the race course. Thanks to this measure, the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon and the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon will promote the responsible consumption of such a necessary natural resource and will not obviate runners needs since they will find water all along the race courses.

The lack of regular rainfall together with the increase in the number of fires that Spain has experienced lately has led the organizers to cooperate with the Ministry of Defence and to take this decision. This way the organizers want to show their commitment to this cause and awareness of water issues.

This is only one of the measures that the Valencian races have been implementing. Recycle your Effort is another measure introduced by theTrinidad Alfonso Foundation which aims at promoting recycling among runners and keeping the streets clean during the events.

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