These are the Marathon and 10-kilometre medals that will make your memories of Valencia even more unforgettable

13 November, 2017

The finishers in the 37th edition of Spain’s best marathon will receive a medal that, like last year, will feature a special design showing two runners crossing over the boardwalk marking The Finishing Line close to the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències [City of Arts and Sciences]. Furthermore, it will highlight the IAAF Gold Label, awarded for the first time in 2016 and revalidated for 2017. The face of the medal (Obverse) also displays the date of the trial, on which athletes and amateur runners will make their dreams come true in Valencia — The Running City.

PHOTO 42km

On the Reverse, the medal for Spain’s fastest Marathon bears a design imitating Valencia’s traditional mosaics, with a space to engrave the runner’s name and the time in which he or she ran the race.

All runners who complete the fast circuit for the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso 10-kilometre trial will also be rewarded with a medal commemorating their achievement. In this case, the design shows the 10-kilometre route through the streets of ‘Valencia — The Running City‘.

PHOTO 10-kilometre trial

Get your medal engraved with your name and race time

Runners who so wish can personalise their medals with their names and times in the area behind The Finishing Line. The engraving service can be obtained in any of the following three ways:

  • By ordering the service before the Valencia Marathon. The service is ordered online before the race. This is the cheapest option: €4.
  • At Expo Deporte [The Runners‘ Fair], in the days before the trial. Go to the Medal Engraving Stand, where you can buy a ticket on the 17th and 18th of November for the service. The price is: €5.

In both cases, runners requesting the service must pick up an accreditation bracelet at the stand at Expo Deporte [The Runners‘ Fair].

  • After running the race, any athlete can personalise his or her finisher medal for the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon. The price is: €10.


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