Upgrading of the 5-kilomtre circuit goes on, with more signs and the installation of street lamps

23 November, 2017

The 5-kilometre ‘Jardí del Turia’ Circuit is being upgraded for both runners and for others to ensure uses are better harmonised in the Turía gardens.

After months of trying out several options, work has begun on installing six street lamps in the darkest areas to ensure proper lighting at dawn and dusk, and to improve the lit markers along this stretch.

The new street lamps were specially designed for the 5-kilometre Circuit, given that they had to fit in with the natural setting and keep within light pollution limits. These lamps were tried out along Stretch 8, one of the darkest on the circuit because of the thick vegetation. They light only part of the 5-kilometre running circuit while respecting the rest of the gardens.

In addition, more signs have been placed in this section to warn other users that the circuit is solely for runners. The measure has been taken because cyclists have been using the circuit even though they have their own cycle lanes elsewhere in the gardens. Ten signs forbidding use by non-runners will be placed at the circuit’s entry points.

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