Kandie (58:10) and Klosterhalfen (1:05:45) have won the Valencia Half Marathon

23 October, 2022

The athlete Kibiwott Kandie was the winner of the 31st Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich, beating the rest of the athletes with a time of 58:10, which is the second time this year at international level.

In the women’s category, Konstanze Klosterhalfen won with a time of 1:05:41, a spectacular time by the German athlete, who was also making her debut, which is the third best time in the history of European women and which she celebrated with immense joy.

In addition, Yomif Kejelcha (58:32) and Daniel Mateiko (58:40), completed the men’s podium, and Tsigie Gebreselama (1:05:45) y Hawi Feysa (1:06:00), women’s podium.


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