Introduction to training plans

12 August, 2019


It is important you understand the training terminology we use in the plan. We have therefore drawn up a glossary of the terms you should use in connection with each week’s training:

  • Long aerobic rhythm: This is the base of our aerobic training. It is an easy rhythm to keep up throughout the session. Here, a balance needs to be struck between intensity and pace.
  • Changes in rhythm: The intensity, distances and recovery vary throughout the training. In our training plan, we use the ‘period’ principle, working with times of 30”-45” and 1′.
  • Fartlek: A combination of segments at different speeds, maintaining the ‘fast + slow’ duo. In our training plan, we use the ‘period’ principle and work with times of 3′ – 4’and 5′.
  • Controlled rhythm: The intensity lies between the aerobic rhythm and the marathon rhythm. These sessions boost our aerobic potential.
  • Intervals: High-intensity training for distances of 400 – 500 metres in which we train hard, with recovery at rest.
  • Series: Training split into series that improves our anaerobic threshold, muscle resistance, and VO2max. The distance we will use for these series is 1000 and 2000m, with recovery at rest.
  • Marathon rhythm: Split training with distances that may range between 3K to 8K and of the same intensity as that with which you will compete in the marathon. Recovery may either be active or at rest.
  • Strengthening muscles: Training with strength-building exercises to tone muscles. This will help us build a stronger body capable of dealing with higher workloads and that is less injury-prone.
  • Flexibility: The extent to which muscles are mobile and elastic. The exercises help: eliminate lactic acid; recover from muscular fatigue; prevent injuries.
  • Core: This field covers the abdominal region and the lower back. It is very important to do exercises that help stabilise one’s running and prevent injuries.


José Garay, Graduate in Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte and trainer in CA Serrano

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