FAQs – Manage your 21km entry

gestion dorsales medio maraton valencia

The Organisers of the Valencia Half-Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP make a Self-Service Area available to all runners entered for the race. Runners can perform various entry management tasks in this area and request the services offered for the trial, all of which are spelt out in the regulations for the two races.

By making this request, the runner can quickly and efficiently check the details of his entry whenever needed.

Check your entry here

If you want to change some of the details of your entry (telephone number, e-mail address, bib text, and so on), you can do so here.

Change details of my entry

The Organisers will allow bib name changes up until the 1st of October 2020 in the case of the Half-Marathon. This date may be extended should the Organisers deem this necessary.

An entered runner may request a change of entry holder. He will then receive a code for a new entry. The code should be given to the new runner who must then complete his entry (in keeping with the price in force for the tranche of entries, plus a €5 management fee). Once this has been paid, the first runner will receive a full refund and will be struck from the race.

Ask for a change of runner

Note: If the new runner does not complete the entry within three days, the code will be cancelled and the first entry will remain valid. The process for changing the runner‘s name may be repeated.

If an entered runner is injured before the race, he may request a refund of his subscription before the 1st of October for the Half-Marathon. A medical certificate (NOT a physiotherapist’s certificate) must be attached for the Organisers’ consideration. Once the certificate has been validated and accepted, the runner will receive a full refund of his entry within 3 days. This option cannot be reversed and the runner will not be allowed to repeat the entry.  

All participants can contract refund insurance if they so wish during the registration process. This insurance policy will allow them to recover 80% of the entry costs without having to give any justification for doing so as long as the claim is made before the 1st of October for the Half-Marathon. The only sum not refundable is the RFEA Day Licence.

Request your insurance-backed refund here

If you have improved your time in a 10km, Half-Marathon, or Marathon race that is officially certified, you can request a change of Starting Box for a faster one. This option will be free up until the 1st of October. From this date on, such a change will carry a fee of €15 to cover ‘Bib Reprinting and Administrative Costs’.

Request a BOX change

If you cannot go to The Runners’ Fair to pick up your bib and Runner’s Bag, you can authorise someone to do so for you. This option is free and you can request it simply by sending us an e-mail and a copy of the DNI/Passport of the person who will be picking up the bib and bag on your behalf. You can make such a request up until 3 P.M. of the Saturday before the race.

Authorise bib pick-up here

Note: No paper needs to be taken to the Fair.