A half marathon that is much more than the best race

25 January, 2016

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos, is not a race, it is the race. From humble origins, the race, now in it’s 26th year is recognized as the best half marathon on the planet. The last two editions were the fastest half marathons in the world for that season, and recently the IAAF awarded Valencia Gold Label Status. The award from the IAAF is the reward for 25 years of hard work and the perfecting of the event in the last 5 years to make a half marathon that is exceptionally organized and has elite runners that can break world records. Valencia has become famous around the world for its flat course, great winter weather, hospitality and all the services and facilities that combine to make Valencia La Ciudad Del Running.

Valencia is the place to come to if you want to get your PB, if you are an elite athlete it is the place to come to get Olympic qualifying times and if possible to break world records. The Half Marathon is held in October, this means that you will be running under blue skies with average temperatures of between 15-18 degrees and a light breeze from the balmy Mediterranean. Whether you are an elite athlete looking to shave seconds off your time or an amateur looking to get a PB, or just to finish; Valencia is the place to come.

Valencia has a flat course, as we have mentioned. It also has a maritime flavor that helps it stand out against other Gold Label events. During the race you will go from the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences along wide tree-lined avenues through the port area, skirting the beach, through the mediaeval old town before going back to the port area to finish the race. In Valencia we want you to focus on two things, 1) Enjoying the race and 2) enjoying your holiday in Valencia. If you go to www.welcometovalencia.com you can find all the services and packages available for runners, including an English speaking help line that is open all year.

To achieve the Gold Label from the IAAF a race must have world class organization and have a high caliber of athletes. This year Valencia had over 40 professional athletes pushing for Olympic qualifying times and a squad of African runners who come to Valencia to win. The fastest person in Valencia and the world for the last two seasons has been Abraham Cheroben. In 2014 he finished in 58:48 and last year in 59:10. Valencia is the city of running, and it is the city of speed.

Thousands of people flock to the streets to watch the marathon, most of them turn up early to make sure they can see the elite runners fly by, but then they stay to cheer on the runners. It is not unusual to see Valencians still dancing and singing in the street 3-5 hours after the starting pistol, even the stragglers that are limping to the finishing line will receive a roar of encouragement as they pass the supporters.

Registration for the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon opens on February 2nd. Don’t delay, tickets sell out fast: www.maratonvalencia.com.

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